What is a CV 2 DoDAF?

What is a CV 2 DoDAF?

CV-2: Capability Taxonomy. Captures capability taxonomies. The model presents a hierarchy of capabilities. These capabilities may be presented in context of a timeline – i.e., it can show the required capabilities for current and future capabilities.

What is a capability view?

The Capability Viewpoint (CV) describes the taxonomy and capability evolution. It’s provides visualizations of the evolving capabilities so that Portfolio Managers can synchronize the introduction of capability increments across a portfolio of projects.

What are DoDAF views?

DoDAF V2. 0 is “Fit-for-Purpose”, based on the decision-maker needs. DoDAF does not prescribe any particular Views, but instead concentrates on data as the necessary ingredient for architecture development.

What is an OV 2 diagram?

The OV-2 DoDAF-described Model applies the context of the operational capability to a community of anticipated users. The primary purpose of the OV-2 is to define capability requirements within an operational context.

What is a DoDAF AV 1?

DoDAF Architecting AV-1 Overview and Summary Information. The AV-1 provides executive-level summary and overview information in a consistent form that allows quick reference and comparison between Architectural Descriptions.

What is the latest version of DoDAF?

DoDAF Architecture Framework Version 2.02
The DoDAF Architecture Framework Version 2.02 Welcome to DoDAF Version 2.02! This is the official and current version for the Department of Defense Architecture Framework.

What is a Level 1 capability?

At Level 1, I typically order these models according to three categories of capabilities: strategic, value-add, and commodity. Good capability models are relevant to the business and defined in business terms. The importance of a capability can be tied to specific outcomes and metrics.

What is DoDAF used for?

DoDAF is prescribed for the use and development of Architectural Descriptions in the Department. It also provides extensive guidance on the development of architectures supporting the adoption and execution of Net-centric services within the Department.

Which one of the following is described as a view of the Architecturerepository?

C. The Enterprise Continuum provides a view of the Architecture Repository that shows the evolution of these related architectures from generic to specific, from abstract to concrete, and from logical to physical.

What is an OV 3?

The OV-3 addresses operational Resource Flows exchanged between Operational Activities and locations. Resource Flows provide further detail of the interoperability requirements associated with the operational capability of interest.

What is an OV 5?

The OV-5 describes the activities that are conducted in the course of achieving a mission or a business goal. It describes operational activities, the flows (inputs and outputs) between activities and may optionally show the nodes that conduct the activities.

Is DoDAF a modeling language?

The DoDAF 1.0 feature uses the Unified Modeling Language (UML) as a base to represent a system’s structure in visual, textual, and tabular formats.

What are the different viewpoints in DoDAF?

DoDAF organizes the DoDAF-described Models into the following viewpoints: The All Viewpoint describes the overarching aspects of architecture context that relate to all viewpoints. The Capability Viewpoint articulates the capability requirements, the delivery timing, and the deployed capability.

What is a DoDAF model?

The DoDAF-described Models within the Systems Viewpoint describes systems and interconnections providing for, or supporting, DoD functions. DoD functions include both warfighting and business functions.

What DoDAF models are available for legacy systems?

The Systems DoDAF-described Models are available for support of legacy systems. As architectures are updated, they should transition from Systems to Services and utilize the models within the Services Viewpoint. Names of the models and their descriptions (in the table below) are provided below.

What do decision-makers look for in DoDAF offerings?

In the past, decision-makers would look at DoDAF offerings and decide which were appropriate to their decision process. An example is the JCIDS process architecture requirements inside the JCIDS documentation (ICD, CDD, CPD, etc.).

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