What is a Canon 17 85mm lens good for?

What is a Canon 17 85mm lens good for?

Intro. The Canon EF-S 17-85mm f4~5.6 IS USM was announced in August 2004 as general purpose zoom for Canon digital SLRs with EF-S lens mounts; compatible bodies include the EOS 300D / Rebel, EOS 350D / Rebel XT, EOS 400D / Rebel XTi, EOS 20D and EOS 30D.

Does Canon 85mm have image stabilization?

No, Canon EF 85mm f1. 8 USM doesn’t have Image Stabilization!

WHAT DOES is USM mean in Canon lenses?

Ultrasonic Motor
USM (Ultrasonic Motor) is the most widely used AF motor type in the Canon EF lens range to date. Common to all USM motors is the fact that that they convert ultrasonic vibration energy into rotational force to move the lens.

What is the 85mm 1.4 lens good for?

Featuring the record-setting, review-time widest-ever aperture in an image stabilized lens, the Canon EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM Lens is the perfect portrait lens in many regards. The 85mm focal length allows for a very pleasing portrait perspective, pulling the viewer into the frame without distorting facial features.

Is EF or EF-S better?

So if you’re a landscape or architectural shooter, or you just want an ultra-wide angle perspective, it’s better to use a full-frame camera with EF lenses. Plus, EF lenses are much more expensive than EF-S lenses. If you’re on a budget, you’ll appreciate the money you can save by purchasing EF lenses instead.

Is USM better than STM?

USM vs STM USM lenses are much faster than STM lenses, which makes USM a better choice for action photographers, street photographers, and wildlife photographers. USM lenses also offer smoother manual focusing, given the mechanical connection between the focus ring and the focusing mechanism.

Is f4 or f2 8 better?

The further the reach of the lens, the better the bokeh tends to be. This helps in comparing these two lenses the f4 can reach much further than the f2. 8. Personally, I do prefer the bokeh in the f2.

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