What is a 7750 movement?

What is a 7750 movement?

The 7750 has an automatic, self-winding module that’s attached to the top of the movement. It operates with a single double-click wheel, which winds in one direction. The 7750 measures 30mm in diameter, and is 7.9mm thick. The original version contained 17 jewels, while modern versions use 25.

What is a valjoux movement?

Valjoux (for Vallée de Joux, “Joux Valley”) is a Swiss manufacturer of mechanical watch movements. It is known primarily for chronograph ébauche movements that are used in a number of mid- to high-range mechanical watches. The company is a part of ETA, and is a member of the Swatch Group.

Is the ETA 7750 the same as Valjoux 7750?

Valjoux was a movement manufacturer that designed and produced the caliber 7750. Valjoux is now part of ETA. What used to be called the Valjoux 7750 is now called the ETA 7750, unless of course it is an original 7750 that was made by Valjoux before becoming part of ETA.

Did Rolex use valjoux 7750?

Once the supply of Valjoux 72 movements dried up with its discontinuation in 1974 (to be replaced by the automatic Valjoux 7750), Rolex decided to look elsewhere for a movement for the new-look ref. 16520.

Who invented valjoux 7750?

The 7750 was developed by Valjoux, a legendary movement maker that was part of the giant ASUAG conglomerate. Created in 1931, AUSAG consolidated many of the independent movement makers in Switzerland. By the early 1970s, AUSAG included several watch brands, such as Certina, Edox, Eterna, Oris and Longines.

What are ETA watch movements?

What is ETA SA? ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse specializes in watch movements. That includes quartz calibers, mechanical calibers, and ébauches, or partially assembled movements. Today, a majority of watch brands source these movements to power their watches.

What is ETA movement in a watch?

When traveling, you might look down at your watch or glance at a clock and try to figure out your ETA — estimated time of arrival, that is.

Is the ETA 7750 a good movement?

The ETA 7750 movement, also known as the TAG Heuer Calibre 16, is perhaps the most successful automatic chronograph movement ever produced.

Are ETA movements good?

Granted, ETA movements have proven to be highly accurate and reliable, even moreso than many in-house movements, the true collector still favors a watch manufacturer that can creatively produce its own movement.

Are ETA movements handmade?

There is an element of hand assembling in all movements. Even bog standard ETAs and Chinese DG28 are assembled by hand.

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