What happens to Emma Swan at the end of Once Upon a Time?

What happens to Emma Swan at the end of Once Upon a Time?

In moments before the finale, Emma is able to finally let her walls down and tells Hook she loves him. Emma then chooses to sacrifice herself for the town of Storybrooke, asking her parents and Hook to save her, she voluntarily plunges the dagger into the Darkness, transforming into the new Dark One.

Who is Regina sleeping with Once Upon a Time?

However, Regina has her own visions of the near future and is secretly in a relationship with the stable boy, Daniel. One day, Regina saves a young girl on a runaway horse, only to discover that the girl is the king’s daughter, Snow White.

What episode is swan song in Once Upon a Time?

“Swan Song” is the eleventh episode and midseason finale of the fifth season of the American fantasy drama series Once Upon a Time, which aired on December 6, 2015.

Is Emma Swan Henry’s Mom?

Henry is the biological son of Emma Swan and Neal Cassidy, half-brother of Hope Jones, the stepson of Killian Jones, the adopted son of Regina Mills, nephew of Neal Nolan and grandson of Rumplestiltskin, Prince Charming/David Nolan, and Snow White, husband of Ella Mills, and biological father of Lucy.

Is Sebastian Stan and Jennifer Morrison?

It seems the fairytale has ended! Former Once Upon a Time costars Jennifer Morrison and Sebastian Stan have officially split, multiple sources tell Us Weekly. “They broke up at least four months ago,” a source tells Us. “They have gone their separate ways — no bad blood.”

Who kills Emma Swan?

Though Gold (Robert Carlyle) ultimately killed the Black Fairy, breaking the curse, the Final Battle was not abated — the Black Fairy had ordered Gideon (Giles Matthey) to kill Emma, who refused to murder an innocent, thus she sacrificed herself.

Why did Regina turn evil?

After Daniel’s death, Regina blamed a young Snow White for his demise. Forced to marry Snow’s father, Regina grew bitter and angry, eventually transforming into the Evil Queen who was out for revenge.

How did Emma stop being the Dark One?

The Darkness inside Rumple is released and the only way for Emma to stop it is to let it consume her. Emma does so and takes the title formerly held by Rumpelstiltskin: the Dark One.

Who is Henry’s dad you?

Henry “Forty” Quinn-Goldberg is the newborn son of Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg. He is named after Love’s brother, Forty Quinn. Joe is insistent on calling his son, “Henry”. Whereas, Love and Dottie Quinn are more eager to call him “Forty”.

Who does Henry marry Once Upon a Time?

His half-uncle is Gideon, Gold and Belle’s son. Also, his maternal great-grandfather was Robert. His mother marries Captain Hook/Killian Jones. In Season 7, he has a wife and daughter, Cinderella and Lucy.

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