What happens if I reset my ZyXEL router?

What happens if I reset my ZyXEL router?

In the event you forget your password, you can use the reset button found on all ZyXEL modem models to restore the original settings of your modem. You can then choose another password and configure your settings through your computer’s browser interface.

Why is my ZyXEL router not working?

Reboot the router by unplugging it from its power source for 10 seconds and then plugging it back in. If it is still not working, factory reset the router by pushing a paper clip or pen into the Reset hole on the back of the router. Please note, this will change the WiFi name and password back to the default.

How do I connect my Zyxel router to the internet?

Type on the browsers address bar and press/hit the ENTER/RETURN key on your keyboard. This will open the routers login screen. Type in the device password on the login screen to continue the setup. The default password for the Zyxel router is 1234.

How do I fix the Internet on my Zyxel router?

Press the RESET button on the modem and hold it down for 15 seconds. (If there is a reset button available) Call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and have them reset your connection. Power down the modem completely (if the modem has a battery backup you will need to remove the battery first) for 5 minutes.

How do I find my Zyxel username and password?

The default username is admin and the default password is 1234. 2. Select the Settings/Configuration icon (two gears) on the left side of the screen.

What happens if you factory reset your router?

A factory reset wipes your router’s custom settings and returns it to a like-new state. This is an important step when troubleshooting some network problems.

What happens when you reset your router to factory settings?

Router reset will wipe out all of your customized settings. Router username and password will be reset to factory default values as shown on the router label. Personalized Wi-Fi settings will be deleted, including the Wi-Fi name and password you created.

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