What happened to Wong Ka Kui?

What happened to Wong Ka Kui?

While filming a gameshow for Fuji Television in Japan on June 24, 1993, Wong Ka-Kui fell off a 3 meter platform head first, and was hospitalized immediately. He died after spending several days in a coma due to internal bleeding from head injuries.

How old is Wong Ka Kui?

31 years (1962–1993)Wong Ka Kui / Age at death

When did Wong Ka Kui died?

June 30, 1993Wong Ka Kui / Date of death

Which member of Beyond died?

leader Wong Ka Kui
The band is widely considered as the most successful and influential Cantopop band from Hong Kong. In 1993, leader Wong Ka Kui, died at the age of 31 after an accident during the filming of a show at Fuji Television in Tokyo. Beyond continued to perform and record after Wong Ka Kui’s death.

How tall is Wong Ka Kui?

5′ 8″Wong Ka Kui / Height

Why did beyond break up?

In an explosive post on Weibo on Thursday night, former Beyond bassist Steve Wong said the “real reason” the band broke up was that guitarist Paul Wong felt he deserved more pay than drummer Yip Sai Wing.

How old is Wong Ka Keung?

57 years (November 13, 1964)Wong Ka Keung / Age

Is Paul Wong a good guitarist?

He is well-known for his extraordinary guitar techniques and is regarded like a “guitar god” in the Chinese world.

How old is Paul Wong?

58 years (March 31, 1964)Paul Wong / Age

Is Paul Wong related to Wong Ka Kui?

Beyond was formed in 1983 and was made up of lead vocalist Wong Ka Kui, his brother bassist Wong Ka Keung, guitarist Paul Wong and drummer Yip Sai Wing. Sadly, at the height of the band’s popularity, on June 30 1993, Ka Kui died after falling from a 3m-high stage during the filming of a variety show in Tokyo.

What is Wong Ka Kui famous for?

Wong Ka Kui. Wong Ka Kui (10 June 1962 – 30 June 1993) was a Hong Kong musician, singer and songwriter. He rose to prominence as the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, main songwriter, and co-founder of the rock band Beyond in a large majority of Asian countries.

What happened to Wong Ka-Kui from beyond?

“Beyond singer in coma after fall in Japan”, ran the headline in the South China Morning Post on June 25, 1993. “Pop star Wong Ka-kui, lead vocalist for Hong Kong band Beyond, was in a coma last night, 19 hours after falling off a production set during the filming of a television variety show.”

What was Wong Ka-Kui’s cause of death?

Thousands of fans were distraught when Wong Ka-kui, singer for punk band Beyond, fell off a stage in Tokyo, in June 1993, and later died of a cerebral haemorrhage Fans distraught as the hearse carrying Wong Ka-kui leaves Hong Kong Funeral Parlour, in July 1993. Picture: SCMP

What happened to Bruce Wong’s body?

Six days later, at 16:15, in Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hospital, on 30 June 1993, a Japanese representative announced Wong’s death in a press conference. Wong’s body was transported to Hong Kong on 3 July, with hundreds of people awaiting its arrival at Kai Tak Airport.

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