What happened to Natalia X Factor?

What happened to Natalia X Factor?

Willy Moon and Natalia Kills, the controversial New Zealand X-Factor judges who were dropped from the show for brutal takedown of a young contestant, have lost everything in a fire that destroyed their New York apartment.

Is Natalia Kills still famous?

She has recorded music under various aliases, most famously as Natalia Kills and Verbalicious. She is currently the lead vocalist of the band Cruel Youth, which also releases music under the name The Powder Room. As Natalia Kills, Sinclair released the studio albums Perfectionist (2011) and Trouble (2013).

What happened to Louise Johnson?

Louisa Johnson has revealed that she went into rehab earlier this year. Taking to Instagram on Sunday, the former X Factor winner bravely confessed to her 800,000 followers that she had been in rehab for trauma, depression and anxiety.

What is Natalia Kills doing now?

Since July 2015, the artist, born Natalia Noemi Cappuccini, has gone by and performed under the name Teddy Sinclair. She and Moon perform in the band Cruel Youth, and Sinclair has written songs for the likes of Madonna and Rihanna. In 2017 she received a Grammy nomination for co-writing Rihanna’s hit Kiss It Better.

Is Louisa Johnson still singing?

Louisa Johnson made a name for herself when her powerful singing helped her win The X Factor in 2015. Now going by simply Louisa, the talented singer has scored several hits since becoming 12th winner of the ITV talent show as a teenager, and is recording new music for 2021.

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