What happened to my Vocus shares?

What happened to my Vocus shares?

Delisting of Vocus from ASX Trading in Vocus shares on the ASX was suspended from the close of trading on Friday, 25 June 2021. Vocus has applied to the ASX to have quotation of its shares terminated and for Vocus to be removed from the official list of the ASX, with effect from close of trading on 23 July 2021.

Who owns Vocus group?

Vocus is owned by a consortium of Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets, and Aware Super – two highly regarded Australian infrastructure investors.

What is Vocus retail?

Vocus provides retail, wholesale and corporate telecommunications services across Australia and New Zealand. Vocus offers data network services such as Internet, dark fibre, IP WAN, unified communications and telephony and cloud services to mid, large and corporate businesses direct and also acts as a wholesaler.

Is Vocus listed?

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Vocus shares have been ASX-listed since 1999 and the company has a market cap of more than $1 billion.

Is Vocus a good place to work?

Vocus is a great place to work, easy going staff and management in a relaxed environment. High volume of work makes the day go fast and awesome offices makes the day enjoyable.

Who owns Dodo internet?

Vocus GroupDodo Services / Parent organization

Is Superloop a Vocus?

Dark fibre operator Superloop has signed a $20 million-plus agreement with telco Vocus to tap into the latter’s local and international fibre networks for the next 15 years. The deal will give Superloop access to Vocus’ international, inter-capital, regional ethernet and metropolitan Australian fibre.

Is Dodo Energy Australian owned?

Dodo Power & Gas was established in 2001 as the energy retailing arm of the internet provider. The company is partly Australian owned, with parent company Vocus Group operating in both Australia and New Zealand.

Who is exetel owned by?

Sydney, Tuesday 8th June 2021 – Superloop has announced its intent to acquire Exetel for $110 million. The acquisition has been funded by a fully-underwritten capital raise, and support from Superloop’s banks.

Who does Superloop use?

Superloop and Telstra NBN 50 plans The mid-range plan offered by both providers is NBN 50, with Superloop and Telstra each including unlimited data.

Is Vocus a public relations company?

In addition to its web-based PR software suites, the company owns the online publicity services, PRWeb and Help a Reporter Out (HARO). Vocus was founded in 1992 by Rick Rudman and Bob Lentz and was a publicly held company until June 2014 when it was taken private by Chicago-based private equity company GTCR.

Why choose Vocus?

With a purpose-built network, world-class expertise and solutions, and Australia-based customer support, you can trust Vocus to deliver. Trusted by leading organisations “We needed a provider willing to put in the pre-sales effort and design work.

Where is the headquarters of Vocus?

The company headquarters are in Beltsville, Maryland. In the United States, Vocus also operates offices in College Park, Maryland; Herndon and Reston, Virginia and Ferndale, Washington. The company’s international headquarters were located in London.

When did Vocus go public?

In October 2002, Vocus announced the release of its application programming interface (API), built using Microsoft XML, which allowed companies to integrate Vocus software with other business productivity applications. In 2005, Vocus held its initial public offering, selling 5 million shares of stock and raising a total of $45 million.

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