What happened to dream trips WorldVentures?

What happened to dream trips WorldVentures?

Verona International Holdings, Inc. is pleased to announce that the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Texas entered an order confirming its purchase of the exclusive rights to sell DreamTrips® around the world.

Does WorldVentures still exist?

“With Verona International Holdings as our new sponsor, WorldVentures will continue to position itself as a travel leader through the experiences of its members, while offering more unique travel adventures and investing in our sales team,” said WorldVentures Chief Operating Officer Michael Poates.

How much is DreamTrips membership?

$299.99 initial membership fee, plus $99.99 per month membership fee. Why wait? Join hundreds of thousands of members who have discovered unique travel experiences with DreamTrips. BECOME A DREAMTRIPS MEMBER TODAY, AND BOOK YOUR UNIQUE EXPERIENCE TOMORROW.

What is dream trips all about?

DreamTrips is a travel club that offers great hotel and vacation packages at even greater prices. Take the trip of a lifetime… monthly! We offer DreamTrips to destinations across the globe.

Who owns WorldVentures?

Wayne Nugent
Known as “The Master in the Art of Living”, WorldVentures’ Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Wayne Nugent, has pioneered a life that exemplifies the companies’ Mission Statement: “to create more Fun, Freedom, and Fulfillment in people’s lives.”

Did Seacret buy WorldVentures?

Further, Seacret agreed to make an offer to purchase certain of WorldVentures’/Spherature’s assets, which it did – more than once – albeit unsuccessfully. Unfortunately, conflicts developed after WorldVentures/Spherature filed for bankruptcy, and the companies found themselves at odds.

Is WorldVentures going out of business?

WorldVentures Holdings went Bankrupt but will reemerge as DreamTrips International.

Can you cancel WorldVentures?

To cancel WorldVentures, you can do so either via email at [email protected] or phone (972-805-5100). Another option is to mail [email protected] asking the support team to cancel your account.

Who bought WorldVentures?

PLANO, Texas, Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Verona International Holdings, Inc. has been named the winning bidder in WorldVentures’ Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

What does WorldVentures cost?

You pay a one-time fee of AUD$295 and pay AUD$74 monthly. This gets you 200 DreamTrips points which you can use immediately. For referrals, you get 100 DreamTrips points for every new active member.

How do I cancel my DreamTrips membership?

To cancel WorldVentures, you can do so either via email at [email protected] or phone (972-805-5100). Email [email protected] and ask them to cancel your account.

Did WorldVentures close?

WorldVentures Marketing, LLC Response The consumer enrolled with our membership and representative program in June 2019. The consumer stopped paying their membership and representative business fees as of September 2019, thus ceasing their status as a member and representative.

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