What happened to alkalines eyes?

What happened to alkalines eyes?

Corneal Tattoo He caused quite the stir as he claimed to have Corneal tattooing in his eyeballs. Lauded as a publicity stunt by the Jamaican public, Alkaline received much backlash for the controversial move but also gained a heavy music following.

Does Alkaline have a child?

Vybz Kartel and the MVP crew comprising of Jahmeil, Alkaline, and Mavado have been trading subliminal disses for quite some time now, and it seems this latest post may be directed at Alkaline and Jahmiel who have not yet fathered any kids; as far as the public is aware of.

What alkalines real name?

Earlan BartleyAlkaline / Full name

Is alkaline eye tattoo?

Dancehall Artiste Alkaline Reveals That His ‘Tattooed Eyeballs’ Are Actually Contacts. Controversial Dancehall Alkaline has revealed that he lied about tattooing his eyes; he has been sporting Black Scleral contact lenses.

How old is alkaline?

28 years (December 19, 1993)Alkaline / Age

Is eyeball tattoo painful?

Yes, it is as dangerous and painful as you can imagine it to be. Eyeball tattoo is done by injecting coloured ink into the white part of the eyeball. The medical fraternity and the general public is, of course, wary about it since it pertains one of the most sensitive areas of the body.

How old is Intence Jamaican artist?

22 years of age
Intence (given name Tashawn George Gabbidon) is 22 years of age. He describes himself as a versatile artiste who ventured into dancehall to bring something different to the game. Originally from Tavern in Kingston 6, he attended Mona High School.

What is Skeng Don’s name?

Kevon Douglas
Twenty-year-old Kevon Douglas, more popularly known by his stage name Skeng, has been releasing hit after hit after hit. Officially coming onto the music scene in 2019, the Wolmerian expressed that he always had a love for music and the arts.

How old is alkaline now?

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