What happened in Chapter 1 of A Long Way from Chicago?

What happened in Chapter 1 of A Long Way from Chicago?

Some people (including the newspaper reporter) stay and doze off after having a few drinks, though. But then that night, everyone is woken up to some sound and movement coming from Shotgun’s casket. They’re all horrified, but Grandma doesn’t blink an eye—she just gets her rifle and shoots right into the casket.

Why did Grandma shoot at the coffin in a Long Way from Chicago?

Grandma has her reasons for firing into the coffin—she wants to put both Effie Wilcox and the reporter in their place. And she’ll go so far as shooting up a corpse if it means that she can teach them a lesson about nosing around in other people’s business.

What best describes Grandma Dowdel?

Tough Old Bird Grandma Dowdel isn’t just some sweet, little old lady. She’s big and tough, and she won’t let anyone mess with her—or her grandkids. When she heads off to go trap fishing, she doesn’t ask the kids to carry her big sack of stinky cheese, even though she’s an old lady.

What does Grandma lie to the reporter about in A Long Way from Chicago?

Q. What does Grandma lie to the reporter about? She lies about her husband being in the war. She lies about how Shotgun Cheatham got his nickname.

What is the plot of a long way from Chicago?

A Long Way From Chicago, won a Newbery Honor, and is about a brother and sister, Joey and Mary Alice, who leave Chicago for a week every summer during the Great Depression to visit their paternal grandmother, the unbelievably feisty Grandma Dowdel who lives in a teeny tiny town in the Illinois countryside.

What happened in the beginning of a long way from Chicago?

At the beginning of the book, Joey is nine years old and his sister, Mary Alice, is seven. They find out that they will be visiting their grandmother, “Grandma Dowdel,” for a week in August every year.

Who was Shotgun Cheatham?

“Who was Shotgun Cheatham anyway?” Mary Alice asked. “He was just an old reprobate who lived poor and died broke,” Grandma said. “Nobody went near him because he smelled like a polecat. He lived in a chicken coop, and now they’ll have to burn it down.”

What lies did grandma tell Ernie?

Joey is appalled by her lies. After the kid leaves, Grandma tells them that Ernie is the youngest of the four Cowgill boys and that she had the rifle out when he came over as bait.

Where does grandma live in a Long Way from Chicago?

Every summer from 1929-1935, in A Long Way from Chicago, Joey Dowdel and his younger sister, Mary Alice, are sent to spend a week with their grandmother in her small Illinois town located halfway between Chicago and St. Louis.

What happens in A Long Way from Chicago?

Is A Long Way from Chicago a true story?

A Long Way from Chicago is a “novel in stories” (or short story cycle) by Richard Peck….A Long Way from Chicago.

First edition
Author Richard Peck
Subject Coming of age
Genre Children’s historical fiction
Published September 1, 1998 Dial Press

What is the main conflict in A Long Way from Chicago?

1 Answers. The novel’s main conflict is centered around Mrs. Dowdel’s struggle to survive during the Great Depression.

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