What does the word restrainer mean?

What does the word restrainer mean?

restrainer. / (rɪˈstreɪnə) / noun. a person who restrains. a chemical, such as potassium bromide, added to a photographic developer in order to reduce the amount of fog on a film and to retard the development.

What is restraint in relationship?

n. A personality disorder characterized by fear of rejection or disapproval in social situations, feelings of inadequacy, and extreme sensitivity to criticism. Link to this page: avoidant personality disorder

What is emotionally restrained?

Emotional restraint—resisting one’s habitual reactions—creates success.

What does restraint mean example?

1. The definition of a restraint is something that restricts freedom or prevents someone from doing something. When someone is tied up and prevented from moving, this is an example of restraint. When your budget sets a limit on how much you can spend for Christmas, this is an example of financial restraint.

How can I use restrain in a sentence?

Examples of restrain in a Sentence He could not restrain the dog from attacking. He could restrain himself no longer. Hospital orderlies needed to restrain the patient. He was restrained and placed in a holding cell.

What is the synonym of restrain?

Some common synonyms of restrain are bridle, check, and curb. While all these words mean “to hold back from or control in doing something,” restrain suggests holding back by force or persuasion from acting or from going to extremes. restrained themselves from laughing.

Why do I feel so restrained?

Psychological restraint is related to a wider range of situations. For instance, feeling restrained is often interpreted as an urge to leave an aversive situation or environment (flight), but being unable to move away from this situation because of social rank factors (Gilbert, Allan, Brough, Melley, & Miles, 2002).

What are the 3 types of restraints?

There are three types of restraints: physical, chemical and environmental. Physical restraints limit a patient’s movement. Chemical restraints are any form of psychoactive medication used not to treat illness, but to intentionally inhibit a particular behaviour or movement.

What is restraint of marriage?

Definition of restraint of marriage : a condition attached to a gift or bequest or in a contract that nullifies the grant if the donee or grantee marries and is usually void if general and unlimited in scope.

What is the synonym of restrained?

control, keep under control, check, hold in check, keep in check, curb, suppress, repress, contain, keep within bounds, limit, regulate, restrict, moderate, dampen, put a brake on, subdue, smother, choke back, stifle, bridle, leash, bit, muzzle, bottle up, cork, rein back, rein in, keep in.

What’s a word for holding back feelings?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hold back, like: retain, avoid, wait, abstain, hesitate, keep back, restrain, check, hold, hold in and forbear.

What is restrainer?

restrainer – a chemical that is added to a photographic developer in order to retard development and reduce the amount of fog on a film. 2. restrainer – a person who directs and restrains. nazi – derogatory term for a person who is fanatically dedicated to, or seeks to control, some activity, practice, etc.

What does it mean to restrain someone?

re·strain′er n. These verbs mean to hold back or keep under control. Restrain implies restriction or limitation, as on one’s freedom of action: “a wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another” (Thomas Jefferson).

Where does the word restrainer come from in the Bible?

The word restrainer (king jimmy version), or holding back (NIV), appears in the original language in verses 6 and 7 as a present participle from the verb katecw (katecho). The normal meaning of katecw (katecho) in the New Testament is well established by its frequent usage, especially by Luke and Paul.

When is a non-restrainer within his right?

The non- restrainer is within his right when he practises the system carried to its extremest lengths. The bromide is a restrainer, and to a certain extent will correct over-exposure. The restrainer has been withdrawn, and the beast has stepped forth in the plenitude of his power.

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