What does the red cross logo means?

What does the red cross logo means?

In a world crowded with symbols, what do the red cross, red crescent and red crystal mean? They are symbols of protection that international law gives to the wounded and sick, and those caring for them, in armed conflict. They tell those fighting that they must not attack anyone or anything that displays these emblems.

What is the red cross logo called?

Origin of the emblems The red cross emblem was adopted under the original Geneva Convention of 1864. It’s an inversion of the Swiss flag (a white cross on a red background).

What is the origin of the red cross symbol?

The design of the Red Cross originate from the First Geneva Convention in 1864. The symbol represents an inverted Swiss flag as a tribute to Henry Dunant, the Swiss founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

What does a Red Cross tattoo mean?

Cross tattoos can be a representation of your devotion to religion or faith. In Christianity, the cross is where Jesus died to save humanity, so it’s a significant symbol. Likewise, a cross tattoo can also mean unconditional love and sacrifice, as Jesus felt and did for the human race.

Is the red cross religiously affiliated?

However, the Red Cross was founded as a secular, non-denominational organization, and they make no mention of Christianity as a reason for adopting the symbol. The founder of the Red Cross, Henry Dunant, was a Swiss entrepreneur who was raised in the Calvinist faith in Geneva, Switzerland.

What is the flag with a Red Cross on it?

When Switzerland officially became a sovereign federal state in 1848 [4], the national flag was introduced in present form (Figure 3A). Flag of Switzerland (A) and symbol of the Red Cross (B). The design of the Red Cross originate from the First Geneva Convention in 1864.

What does an upside down cross tattoo on face mean?

Upside-down crosses appear in horror movies such as The Omen and The Conjuring as a signal of demonic activity. Any person or religion depicting this symbol is immediately associated with the devil or Lucifer. A tattoo that means the same thing and it is always placed on the face is the cross under the left eye.

What is the origin of the American Red Cross logo?

The American Red Cross logo comprises of a Greek red cross against a white background. It was initially brought in as a protection symbol at the 1864 Geneva Convention. The emblem is actually an inversion of the Swiss flag and, despite controversy over the intent, it has no deliberate religious implications.

What does the Red Cross mean in the military?

During armed conflict, the red cross emblem means “don’t shoot,” that this person, vehicle, building or equipment is not part of the fight but is providing impartial assistance. The emblem provides protection for military medical units, transportation of the wounded, and for the Red Cross’s humanitarian aid.

What is the use of the Red Cross emblem in partnership?

This note gives replies to basic questions on the use of the emblem in the context of partnerships. 1. Introduction The red cross emblem – a red cross on a white ground – is a symbol of protection (protective use) and of membership of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (indicative use).

Is the Red Cross on a white background a valid symbol?

However, regardless of the shape, any Red Cross on white background should be valid and must be recognized as a protection symbol in conflict. Of the 186 national societies which are currently recognized by the ICRC, 152 are using the Red Cross as their official organization emblem.

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