What does the phrase hot spot means?

What does the phrase hot spot means?

b : a place or area (such as a city or region of a country) where there is an elevated prevalence or increased transmission risk of a disease The city became a COVID-19 hot spot.

What is another term for hot spot?

Find another word for hot spot. In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hot spot, like: predicament, hole, plight, quagmire, trouble, bind, pickle, spot, easy, tectonic boundary and hotspot.

What is a hotspot give an example?

In geology, hotspots (or hot spots) are volcanic locales thought to be fed by underlying mantle that is anomalously hot compared with the surrounding mantle. Examples include the Hawaii, Iceland, and Yellowstone hotspots.

What is hotspot in Tagalog?

Filipino Translation. mainit na lugar.

What is a medical hotspot?

In the medical literature, the term hotspot was first used to describe a region of inflamed or irritated skin. 9 This usage as a term of increased intensity continues in radiology,10,11 and is analogous to references to hotspots as areas of increased risk or incidence in epidemiology and other fields.

Who is the father of hotspot?

Norman Myers
The term ‘biodiversity hotspot’ was coined by Norman Myers (1988). He recognized 10 tropical forests as “hotspots” on the basis of extraordinary level of plant endemism and high level of habitat loss, without any quantitative criteria for the designation of “hotspot” status.

What is a hot spot not?

And what is a Hot Spot not? A narrative feature which stopped the show finishing in half the time it could have been. Oh sorry, “A Good Spot!” Anyway, the couple could decide to stop at any time within the amount of moves they had, banking any prizes they’d won so far.

Where are hotspots found?

Most of these are located under plate interiors (for example, the African Plate), but some occur near diverging plate boundaries. Some are concentrated near the mid-oceanic ridge system, such as beneath Iceland, the Azores, and the Galapagos Islands. A few hotspots are thought to exist below the North American Plate.

What is a mutation hotspot?

Mutation frequencies vary along a nucleotide sequence. Nucleotide positions with an exceptionally high mutation frequency are called mutation “hotspots” [5]. Mutation hotspots often reflect a specific mechanism of generating mutations at a particular site and/or unusual properties of a phenotypic selection protocol.

What is a hotspot in genetics?

Listen to pronunciation. (hot-spot) In genetics, an area of DNA that is likely to mutate (change).

How many hotspots are there in world?

There are currently 36 recognized biodiversity hotspots. These are Earth’s most biologically rich—yet threatened—terrestrial regions. To qualify as a biodiversity hotspot, an area must meet two strict criteria: Contain at least 1,500 species of vascular plants found nowhere else on Earth (known as “endemic” species).

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