What does it mean when someone is warded?

What does it mean when someone is warded?

warded; warding; wards. Definition of ward (Entry 2 of 4) transitive verb. 1 : to keep watch over : guard. 2 : to turn aside (something threatening) : deflect —usually used with off ward off a blowtrying to ward off a cold.

What does ward mean for a woman?

1. ( usually of a person) lacking in intelligence, common sense, or just in general awareness; clumsy or idiotic. 2. [ colloquial] [noun] a person that displays these character traits.

Does ward mean child?

A ward or a ward of court is a child who is the responsibility of a person called a guardian, or of a court of law, because their parents are dead or because they are believed to be in need of protection.

What does ward mean in gaming?

A ward is a deployable unit that removes the fog of war in a certain area of the map. Vision is not just buying and placing wards. It is not always a unit and it can be granted through champions as well as items that they purchase. At the start of the game, the player can choose between two different types of trinkets.

What is wade through?

(wade through something) to read or deal with a lot of boring information. wading through piles of data. Synonyms and related words. To study, check or examine something.

How do wards work in Japan?

A ward (区, ku) is a subdivision of the cities of Japan that are large enough to have been designated by government ordinance. Wards are used to subdivide each city designated by government ordinance (“designated city”).

Why are children called wards?

A ward is also the name given to a child who is watched over by someone other than his parents. Sometimes children are known as “wards of the state,” meaning they have been taken from their homes.

What is a pink ward?

Vision Wards have pink tops as opposed to. Stealth Wards, which have green tops. Vision Wards are visible at all times and have 4 health point. Every attack done to it will only damage it by 1.

What is Ward in LoL?

Why is wadding used?

Wadding is a disc of material used in guns to seal gas behind a projectile (a bullet or ball), or to separate the propellant from loosely packed shots. Wadding can be crucial to a gun’s efficiency, since any gas that leaks past a projectile as it is being fired is wasted.

What does warded mean in a sentence?

Definition of warded : provided with a ward a warded lock Examples of warded in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Keys for warded locks have slots to bypass the wards that allow the key to freely rotate inside the lock.

What does Ward mean in medical terms?

[wôrd] Etymology: AS, weard, guard. 1 a large room in a hospital for the accommodation of several patients. 2 a division within a hospital for the care of numerous patients having the same condition, e.g., a maternity ward.

What is the meaning of ward off?

verb (used with object) to avert, repel, or turn aside (danger, harm, an attack, an assailant, etc.) (usually followed by off): to ward off a blow; to ward off evil. to place in a ward, as of a hospital or prison.

What is the difference between Ward and district?

WARD, a district. Most cities are divided for various purposes into districts, each of which is called a ward. WARD, police. To watch in the day time, for the purpose of preventing violations of the law. 2. It is the duty of all police officers and constables to keep ward in their respective districts.

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