What does Abuden mean?

What does Abuden mean?

“Abuden?” – Combination of Hokkien “A-bo”, meaning “if not” in English, and the word “then”. It is also equivalent to simply saying “Obviously”. Usually used a sarcastic response to an obvious observation or question.

What is tapau?

Tapau. Meaning: Tapau comes from the Chinese word 打包 (da bao) which means take away (food). It’s pronounced exactly the way its spelt, and is a universally recognised word in Malaysia, especially when someone stands up during lunch and exclaims, “Tapau, guys?”

What is boJio?

Bo Jio – A way of expressing FOMO (fear of missing out). To call someone out when you’re not invited. Don’t say we boJio.

What is Lenglui?

#1: Leng chai / leng lui These terms are derived from the Cantonese dialect – “leng” means pretty/good looking; “chai” and “lui” mean boy and girl respectively. Commonly used when anyone wants to get your attention.

Where did Abuden come from?

Answer: Abuden! is equivalent to the word “obviously”. It is a combination of Hokkien dialect of ‘A-bo’, meaning ‘if not’, and the English word, ‘then’.

What is Fuyoh?

Fuyoh is used when wow is just not wow enough. This word also can be shortened to fooh or fuh if desired.

What is Abuthen?

ABUDEN / ABUTHEN The word “Abuden” or its spelling variation, “Abuthen” is widely used in Malaysia and Singapore – used when someone states the obvious. It’s pretty much the Malaysian or Singaporean way of saying “duh!”. Hey, even the expats here use it! That’s a good sign of them blending in the local culture.

What is Jio in Hokkien?

Definition: originated from Hokkien meaning to woo girl. Now more commonly means “to ask someone out”

What is last kopek?

Kopek definition A Russian monetary unit equal to one hundredth of a ruble.

What is Huat in Hokkien?

‘Huat’ – means prosperity in Chinese – and is particularly prevalent at this time of year, when many of us in Asia extend wishes of success and happiness to our relatives, friends, partners and blog followers in the lead up to the Chinese New Year (CNY).

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