What does a 10 17 mean in police code?

What does a 10 17 mean in police code?

Request for gasoline
10-17 Request for gasoline. 10-18 Equipment exchange. 10-19 Return/returning to the station.

What is a code 31 for police?

California Vehicle Code Section 31 VC makes it against the law to give false information to a police officer. Generally, this involves lying to the police during a traffic stop or regarding a driver’s license, registration, or insurance.

What does a 10 35 mean in police code?

10-35. Major Crime Alert. Get a Stolen Auto Report. Time Check.

What does a 10 5 mean?

10-5 Relay. 10-6 Busy–stand by unless urgent. 10-7 Out of service. 10-8 In service. 10-9 Repeat.

What is the meaning of 10 4?

10-4 is an affirmative signal: it means “OK.” The ten-codes are credited to Illinois State Police Communications Director Charles Hopper who created them between 1937–40 for use in radio communications among cops. Ten-Four Day ~ for decades, Oct 4 has been a day to salute radio operators.

What’s the meaning of 187?

187 is slang for “murder.” 187 is a term associated with hip-hop songs dealing with topics of crime or gang violence.

What does R and P mean in police talk?

R&P. Rape & Pillage. R&P. Rhythm & Police (Dance Dance Revolution)

What does Adam mean in police code?

12….”) The first number tells which of the 18 LAPD districts the unit is assigned to, “Adam” is the code for a two-person patrol unit, and the second number identifies the “beat” within the district that unit is assigned to.

What are some basic police radio codes?

Basic Police Radio Codes Code Description Code 1 Non-urgent situation Code 2 Urgent – Proceed immediately Code 3 Emergency – Proceed immediately with lig Code 4 No further assistance required

What are the 10 codes on a police scanner?

Police Scanner 10 Codes 10-45 Condition of Patient A-D 10-45A Condition Good 10-50 Traffic Accident 10-68 Dispatch Information 11-10 Take report 11-58 Radio monitored, use phone 11-99 Officer needs help! Code 1 Your convenience

What codes are used for the RPD in need for speed?

These codes are used by the RPD in Need for Speed: Most Wanted, the PPD in Need for Speed: Carbon, the TCBPD in Need for Speed: Undercover and the PPD in Need for Speed: World . The FCPD in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) uses an alternative set of codes.

What are the signs of a suspicious vehicle on the road?

Signal 11Abandoned Vehicle Signal 43Lewd / Lascivious Behavior Signal 12Reckless Driver Signal 44Overdose Signal 13Suspicious Vehicle (P- Suspicious Person) Signal 45Shots Fired Signal 15Special Detail Signal 48Animal Complaint

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