What counties surround Faulkner County Arkansas?

What counties surround Faulkner County Arkansas?

Adjacent counties

  • Cleburne County (northeast)
  • White County (east)
  • Lonoke County (southeast)
  • Pulaski County (south)
  • Perry County (southwest)
  • Conway County (west)
  • Van Buren County (northwest)

What region is Faulkner County in?

Faulkner County

Region: Central
County Seat: Conway
Established: April 12, 1873
Parent Counties: Conway, Pulaski
Population: 123,498 (2020 Census)

Is Conway County in Conway?

Conway County was formed on October 20, 1825, from territory taken from Pulaski County and was named for Henry Wharton Conway, a member of the Arkansas territorial delegation to Congress. Morrilton is the county seat.

What county is Mt Vernon Arkansas in?

Faulkner CountyMount Vernon / County
Mount Vernon is a town in northeastern Faulkner County, located on Highway 36. It is home to the high school of the Mount Vernon–Enola School District.

How many counties are in AR?

75 counties
There are 75 counties in the state of Arkansas.

What county is Jefferson AR?

Jefferson CountyJefferson / County

Is Faulkner County Arkansas a dry county?

Faulkner County is a “dry” county; restaurants in Conway are only allowed to sell alcohol once they have obtained a Private Club Permit from the Arkansas Alcohol Beverage Control Board.

Why is Conway Arkansas famous?

The city, incorporated in October 1875 as simply “Conway,” was named for a famous Arkansas family that included the state’s first elected governor, James Sevier Conway….County Seat.

Latitude and Longitude: 35º05’19″N 092º26’31″W
Population: 58,908 (2010 Census)
Incorporation Date: October 16, 1875

What’s the zip code for Mount Vernon Arkansas?

72111Mount Vernon / Zip code

What is the least populated county in Arkansas?

Calhoun County
Calhoun County is a county located in the south central part of the U.S. state of Arkansas. As of the 2010 census, the population was 5,368, making it the least populous county in Arkansas.

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