What colors make a seafoam green?

What colors make a seafoam green?

Like teal or aqua, it’s one of the shades that sits between green and blue on the color wheel and can be thought of as a halfway point between the two. To make seafoam green paint, mix blue into a green base and add a small amount of gray or even white to lighten the shade.

What paint company makes seafoam green?

Benjamin Moore
Order Seafoam Green 2039-60 Paint | Shop Benjamin Moore.

What color is Sherwin Williams seafoam?

Sea Salt SW 6204 – Green Paint Color – Sherwin-Williams.

Is seafoam green a neutral color?

Word around the design world is that sea foam green is the newest trend in neutrals!

Is seafoam blue or green?

Seafoam green is a soft green blue color that, similar to other shades of green, evokes luck, freshness, and nature. Its pale shade, however, additionally represents innocence and youth. Its appearance is quite similar to mint green, and so they are sometimes used interchangeably.

Is seafoam green the same as mint green?

Mint Green Vs Seafoam Green As you can see from the color sample above, the mint green is ever so slightly lighter than the darker seafoam green but the two can go together to have a slight gradient effect as we have used above to keep the colors relaxing but also add that slight different to keep things different.

Is Sherwin Williams Rainwashed blue or green?

Because Rainwashed is a COLOUR, it’s undertone is actually gray. However, it is a blue-green blend, leaning MORE into blue than green, especially if you have north-facing light.

What color is Rainwashed Sherwin Williams?

Rainwashed SW 6211 – Green Paint Color – Sherwin-Williams.

What does seafoam green color look like?

What is the difference between seafoam green and mint green?

Why is it called seafoam green?

Does seafoam green go with GREY?

Keep seafoam green as the prime focus in your room by pairing it with neutrals such as white, beige and gray. These colors harmonize with most other colors and also aid in maintaining a crisp environment.

What color goes good with Seafoam Green?


  • Coral.
  • Dusty rose.
  • White.
  • Taupe.
  • Salmon.
  • Tangerine.
  • What goes good with Seafoam Green?

    What colors make seafoam green when mixed together?

    What color is between seafoam green and Aqua?

    When I think of seafoam green a minty green with a slight blue undertone comes to mind. Aqua is definitely more blue as an ocean blue. So in between those two would be turquoise. Save up to 80% on your next printer ink cartridges!

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