What color is Brewster GREY?

What color is Brewster GREY?

A handsome, blue-tinged gray that recalls regal, ivy-covered stone buildings. LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, is a measurement commonly used by design professionals—such as architects and interior designers—that expresses the percentage of light reflected from a surface.

What undertones does steely gray have?

Steely gray is a beautiful blue gray paint color with cool undertones. Because of the blue undertones, this particular gray color isn’t quite as warm as other gray or greige paint colors, but still works well to neutralize a space.

What is Benjamin Moore’s lightest GREY?

Gray owl is a light gray paint color that reads as a neutral-to-cool gray on the wall. It is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular shades of gray and brings a fresh and modern look to any room.

What color is Brewster blue?

Timeless and traditional, this gracious blue-gray recalls historic, ivy-covered stone buildings on a storied college campus.

What color is Knoxville gray?

An alluring blue-green with a heavy dose of gray.

What color is Boothbay Gray?

blue grey
Boothbay gray is technically a gray paint color with blue undertones, but it reads more like a blue than a gray, so I’d classify it as a blue grey paint color.

What color is true gray at Sherwin Williams?

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray is the perfect neutral gray for your home, without any strong undertones. This color is a great one to include in your whole home color scheme!

What is Benjamin Moore’s most popular greige color?

Most Popular Greige Paint Colors

  • Revere Pewter. HC-172.
  • Edgecomb Gray. HC-173.
  • Classic Gray. OC-23.
  • Natural Cream. OC-14.
  • Balboa Mist. OC-27.
  • Pashmina. AF-100.

What is the most popular Benjamin Moore gray?

Here are some of our most popular shades of gray paint colors.

  • Edgecomb Gray. HC-173.
  • Silver Satin. OC-26.
  • Gray Owl. OC-52.
  • Stonington Gray. HC-170.
  • Wickham Gray. HC-171.
  • Gray Cloud. 2126-60.
  • Revere Pewter. HC-172.
  • Wish. AF-680.

What is Revere Pewter?

Revere Pewter is a gray paint color with warm undertones. It’s definitely warmer than BM Thunder as well as some of the other popular grays from Benjamin Moore. Light unmistakably plays a big role in how the color will look too.

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