What channels are on Nilesat?

What channels are on Nilesat?

List of free-to-air Egyptian satellite television channels

Channel Country Satellites
Nilesat and Eutelsat 7 West A 7º West
Nile Life Egypt Nile Life Nilesat 201 11843 H 27500 5/6
Nile Sport Egypt Nile Sport Nilesat 201 11843 H 27500 5/6
Primary Education Channel — مصر التعليمية Egypt EDUC 1 Nilesat 201 11747 V 27501 5/6

Is Eutelsat the same as Nilesat?

Located at 7° West, and part of the leading Eutelsat-Nilesat 7/8° West video neighbourhood, the satellite broadcasts television and radio programmes in the Middle East and North Africa. It is co-located with two other satellites, from Eutelsat and Eutelsat’s partner, the Egyptian operator Nilesat.

What is Nilesat name?

Nilesat (English: /ˈnaɪlˌsæt/; Egyptian Arabic: [ˈnɑj(e)l ˈsæːt], نايلسات or نايل سات) is an Egyptian company and the name of a series of Egyptian communications satellites….Nilesat.

Type Telecommunications network
Headquarters 6th of October City, Egypt
Key people Ahmed Anis (CEO)
Website www.nilesat.com.eg

How do I scan on Nilesat?


  1. Click on the “Menu” button on your remote control.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Scroll down to “Installation” and press “OK”.
  4. Select “beIN Installation” and press “OK”. ​
  5. Enter password “0000”
  6. Select “Universal” and press “OK”.
  7. Make sure selected satellite is “Nile​sat”
  8. Scroll down to “Start Scan”.

Who is the owner of Nilesat?

When the agreement was signed, Amin Bassyouni, CEO of Nilesat, said: “This new strategic agreement comes after a full leveraging of capacity at 7 degrees West to meet the growing demand from Nilesat.

What is the frequency for channel 10?

550.5 MHz
Digital TV Manual Tuning Frequencies – Kings Cross (UHF)

Network Service Frequency
Seven Network ATN 529.5 MHz
Nine Network TCN 564.5 MHz
Network Ten TEN 550.5 MHz
ABC ABC 543.5 MHz

What is digital TV frequency?

Digital TV (Freeview) Frequencies – 470Mhz – 800Mhz (Future 700Mhz) With regards to TV aerial reception for digital TV services is 470-850Mhz.

How do I add a satellite to my receiver?

How to connect your receiver

  1. Connect the coaxial cables from your satellite dish to the SAT IN port on your receiver, making sure that the connection is secure.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on your receiver and the HDMI port on your TV.

What are the different types of TV channels in Egypt?

State-owned Egyptian satellite television channel. News in Arabic, English, French, and Hebrew. It is also broadcast as a terrestrial channel on UHF. Public news television channel from Egypt in Arabic. Pan-Arab news channel from Egypt. Headed by Egyptian journalist Abdel Latif el-Menawy.

How much time do Egyptians spend watching TV a day?

The Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) said the average time an Egyptian spends watching television a day is 180 minutes (3 hours), while Egyptian channels recorded 170,000 hours of broadcast in 2019. Since Egypt launched its first broadcasts in 1960, state-run channels have held a monopoly on terrestrial broadcast.

How many terrestrial channels are there in Greater Cairo?

There are 6 regional terrestrial channels, which used to all be broadcast to Greater Cairo, but as of 2007, only Greater Cairo channel (Channel 3) of the regional channels is broadcast to Greater Cairo. Most terrestrial channels were in fact satellite channels owned by ERTU, but simulcasted to Greater Cairo, since 2007.

Does Egypt have a monopoly on TV broadcasting?

Since Egypt launched its first broadcasts in 1960, state-run channels have held a monopoly on terrestrial broadcast. The Ministry of Information strictly regulated private satellite channels as well.

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