What causes furniture beetles?

What causes furniture beetles?

Causes of Common Furniture Beetle Infestations Or, you might live in an older home that becomes infested through firewood storage or the introduction of other wooden products into your home. Common furniture beetles will infest damp wood if given the opportunity.

How do you get rid of furniture beetles?

Ways of Getting Rid Of Common Furniture Beetles at Home

  1. Understand the Woodworm Life Cycle and the Signs of Infestation. The first step before you determines your treatment approach is to understand the worms better.
  2. Replace the wood.
  3. Treat the Wood.
  4. Treat Your Home for Beetles.
  5. Avoid Humidity.

How do you know if you have furniture beetles?

What are the signs of a furniture beetle infestation? The presence of the common furniture beetle is recognized by small, 1/8-inch diameter holes that are surrounded by fine powder-like “sawdust” called frass. The larvae feeding on the interior of the wood create the frass.

Do furniture beetles bite?

It is very unlikely that common furniture beetles bite or sting, so they should not pose any health threats to humans or pets.

How do you prevent furniture beetles?

How To Prevent Wood Beetle Infestation

  1. Keep Moisture Levels Down. Wood beetles, like most pests, are looking for a reliable water source that can keep them supplied for extended periods of time.
  2. Keep Wood Piles Away From Home.
  3. Seal Everything.

What do furniture beetles look like?

Adult furniture beetles The bodies are elongated ovals. They have small heads that are hard to see from above but can be seen from the side view. These beetles are dark brown or orangish-brown in coloration. The adults’ habits are to find a mate, breed, and the female will lay eggs.

How do you treat wood-boring beetles in furniture?

If you suspect your wood is infested with woodworms or wood-boring beetles, treating the wood with a borate treatment is the most effective way to kill the active pests. Remove finishes from wood that has been painted or sealed before treating. Chose a product that is borate-based for your wood treatment.

What does wood-boring beetles look like?

Powderpost beetles can be either black or rusty red as adults. Old house borer beetles are black or grey as adults. Common furniture beetles are black, brown, or rust colored as adults. The woodworms of all wood-boring beetles have white or cream-colored bodies with dark heads.

How long do furniture beetles live?

Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum) Their life cycle is about 3–4 years long and due to that fact, evidence of infestation holes might take years to manifest. The common furniture woodworm attacks only seasoned sapwood timber.

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