What can I give my cockatiel to play with?

What can I give my cockatiel to play with?

Cockatiels love to play fetch with a lightweight, small toy. Once your Cockatiel has mastered to go and pick the toy, motivate your bird to bring it back and offer a treat. Cockatiels in Chennai also enjoy the occasional challenge. Create a bird maze in cardboard or any sturdy material.

How do you make bird toys out of household items?

Wrap a treat or a toy in raffia mat and hang it in the cage. You can use the leaves from safe plants or pine cones, small boxes like pill boxes and many other household items are suitable. Like toddlers with Christmas gifts, parrots often prefer the wrapping to the toy or treat inside.

What is a cockatiel favorite toy?

The first toy we recommend for cockatiels is the 1472 Poker. This toy consists of playing cards that are interwoven with colorful foam inserts for lots of chewing potential. There are also some added surprises at the bottom, as your cockatiel will enjoy the crinkly paper and the bell that hang below.

How do I entertain my cockatiel?

Try playing games with your cockatiel.

  1. Try dancing with your cockatiel. Move your head up and down, or side to side, to the beat of a song.
  2. Play music for your cockatiel. Playing an instrument, whistling, or singing can be entertaining for you bird.
  3. Play hide and seek with your bird.

Can cockatiel eat banana?

Cockatiels can eat bananas in moderation. They’re an excellent snack to use as part of the fruit portion of their diet. However, they should eat relatively little fruit compared to pellets since fruits contain a lot of sugar and aren’t nutritionally balanced.

What can I give my bird to play with?

Wooden spools (with the thread removed, of course) make safe and fun playthings for birds of all sizes. Some owners use spools as foot toys that their birds can play with while out of their cages, and some string spools of cotton twine or vegetable tanned leather to hang on their pets’ cage bars.

Is cardboard safe for birds?

Parrots can play with cardboard as it’s non-toxic in all its forms, be it single-ply or layered. Most glues and inks used to manufacture cardboard aren’t harmful. You can use shipping boxes, food containers, and toilet paper rolls. If a large quantity of cardboard is consumed, your parrot may become impacted.

How do you entertain a cockatiel?

What toys are bad for cockatiels?

Metal toys Heavy metals are very toxic to birds. Metal poisoning, especially from lead, zinc and copper, is a common cause for avian fatalities. Be sure any metal cockatiel toys are free from copper, lead or zinc. If the metal isn’t named, it’s best to avoid it.

What tricks can I teach my cockatiel?

Tricks To Train Your Cockatiel

  • Turn Around. Place your bird on a perch and put your finger below the bird’s beak, holding a treat.
  • Shake Hands. Have a treat ready, and move your finger toward your cockatiel’s feet.
  • Walk a Tightrope. Walking along a rope is, of course, second nature to a cockatiel.

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