What can destroy a Challenger 2?

What can destroy a Challenger 2?

The attacking tank’s second HESH round hit the open commander’s hatch lid of the QRL Tank sending hot fragments into the turret that caused an explosion of the stowed ammunition, destroying the tank and killing two crew members. It remains the only Challenger 2 to be completely destroyed on operations.

Can a Challenger 2 fire Apfsds?

Challenger 2 can carry 49 main armament rounds, a mixture of the aforementioned HESH and APFSDS as well as white phosphorus smoke rounds.

Is Challenger 2 a good tank?

The United Kingdom did more than any nation to pioneer armored warfare, and its Challenger 2 stands amongst the best tanks in the world. The sixty-two-ton tank established a reputation for exceptional toughness during combat in Iraq.

Has the Challenger 2 ever been destroyed?

To date, the only time the tank has been destroyed during operations was by another Challenger 2 in a “blue on blue” (friendly fire) incident at Basra in 2003 when the destroyed tank had its hatch open at the time of the incident.

How far can a Challenger 2 tank fire?

Effective range of fire with armor-piercing round is over 3 000 m. The Challenger gun claims the longest-distance tank kill in history. During the Gulf War it defeated an Iraqi tank at a range of 4 km. Secondary armament consists of two 7.62 mm machine guns.

Is the Challenger 2 better than the leopard?

While the Leopard 2 is a faster and more mobile tank, the Challenger 2 was considered to have had much better armour protection – although this diminished over time as the German tank received more continuous upgrades.

How many Challenger 2 tanks does the British Army have?

There will though be fewer of them. The British Army has 227 ageing Challenger 2 tanks. Only 148 of them will be modernised and they won’t be entirely new. The Challenger 3 tank will use the existing chassis, but it will have a new digital turret and smoothbore gun.

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