What ATAR do you need to get into UNSW Medicine?

What ATAR do you need to get into UNSW Medicine?

If you’re applying to study based on your NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC) results, you’ll require an ATAR of 96.00 to be eligible for consideration. The minimum requirements for other secondary results are: 38 International Baccalaureate.

Can you get into UNSW with low ATAR?

In one of the nation’s most prestigious degrees, the Bachelor of Combined Law at UNSW, 91 per cent of offers were made to students who did not meet the ATAR cut-off of 99.7, including to two applicants who had scored only 67.

What WAM do you need for Medicine UNSW?

Students with a Phase 1 average course mark of ≥ 65 (see WAM calculation below) and have completed 12 UoC general education before Term 1 in year 4, are eligible to apply.

What Ucat score do you need for UNSW?

Students are selected for entry into the UNSW Medicine Degree on the basis of: ATAR: at least 96 / IB 38. UCAT: the overall score of the cognitive subtests (Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning).

What is the lowest ATAR for medicine?

This highly competitive program requires an ATAR of 95 or higher, although most recently the lowest accepted ATAR was 96.5.

Is UNSW hard to get into?

Getting into a Bachelor of Laws at UNSW is no easy task. But if you’re interested in this degree then it’s safe to say you’re the type that’s always up for a challenge! In 2020, the lowest selection rank (ATAR + Adjustment Factors) was 96.

How long is ATAR valid for UNSW?

This qualification is valid for five years.

What should I write in my UNSW Medicine application?


  1. Tell us who you are. (
  2. Describe the most important thing you have done in the past two years.
  3. Outline some experiences that you would like to have in the next 10 years (50 words)
  4. Apart from your parents or guardians, identify the person who contributed the most to your success in life to date.

What is the lowest ATAR for Medicine?

Does UNSW require Gamsat?

You will be required to complete an undergraduate degree and then sit the GAMSAT (a 6.5 hour test) and multiple interview rounds (MMI) to gain entry into graduate medicine.

What are the entry requirements for postgraduate study at UNSW?

For postgraduate study, you generally need to have completed an undergraduate degree at university level. Check the entry requirements tab of your chosen degree for detailed information. You will need to meet academic entry scores for your chosen UNSW degree. International direct entry scores are listed on each degree page.

What is the age limit for admission to UNSW?

If you are 21 years of age or over on 1 March in the year you start your undergraduate study at UNSW and have completed the TAFE Tertiary Preparation Certificate (TPC), you will be considered for admission.

How do I get into UNSW for optometry?

For more information, visit the UNSW website. UNSW accepts the Limited ATAR for admission to all programs, except for 428000 Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine or 429750 Bachelor of Vision Science/M Clinical Optometry. You must be at least 20 years old on 1 March in the year you complete your HSC studies.

What information does UNSW provide prospective students?

At UNSW, we are committed to ensuring prospective students have all the information they need in order to make informed decisions about their study options. To assist you in gaining a better understanding of how Admissions works at UNSW, we have provided you with a summary of ATAR offers and the student profile.

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