What are the methods of WebDriver?

What are the methods of WebDriver?

WebDriver Methods

  • Method Name :- get() Syntax: get(url)
  • Method Name: getCurrentUrl() Syntax: getCurrentUrl()
  • Method Name: getTitle() Syntax: getTitle()
  • Method Name: findElements() Syntax: findElements(By by)
  • Method Name: findElement()
  • Method Name: getPageSource()
  • Method Name: close()
  • Method Name: quit()

What are the methods available in WebDriver interface?

Selenium WebDriver interface has many abstract methods like get(String url), quit(), close(), getWindowHandle(), getWindowHandles(), getTitle() etc. WebDriver has nested interfaces like Window , Navigation etc. These nested interfaces are used to perform operations like back(), forward() etc.

What is API and WebDriver?

The WebDriver API is primarily intended to allow developers to write tests that automate a browser from a separate controlling process, but may also be implemented in such a way as to allow in-browser scripts to control a — possibly separate — browser.

What are the types of WebDriver APIs available in selenium?

The following are the different types of drivers available in Selenium WebDriver:

  • > ChromeDriver. > For executing Selenium Automation Scripts on Chrome Browser.
  • > FirefoxDriver.
  • > InternetExplorerDriver.
  • > SafariDriver.
  • > OperaDriver.
  • > EdgeDriver.
  • > EventFiringWebDriver.
  • > RemoteWebDriver.

How many methods are there in WebDriver?

There’s a total of 5 Selenium Method Categories. The categories are Browser Methods, WebElement Methods, Navigation Methods, Wait Methods, and Switch Methods. Each category has a group of methods that perform actions via Selenium: Browser Methods perform actions on a browser.

What are methods of WebDriver and WebElement?

Selenium WebDriver – WebElement Commands

  1. Clear Command. Method: clear() : void.
  2. Sendkeys Command. Method: sendKeys(CharSequence?
  3. Click Command. Method: click() : void.
  4. IsDisplayed Command. Method: isDisplayed() : boolean.
  5. IsEnabled Command. Method:
  6. IsSelected Command. Method:
  7. Submit Command. Method:
  8. GetText Command. Method:

What is WebDriver driver?

WebDriver is an interface that is available in Selenium jar files. driver is webDriver reference variable. New is a keyword, we use to create an instance of the class. And, FireFoxDriver() is a class already existing in Selenium. So, you can import it and start using it for your test.

How many types of WebDriver are there?

The WebDriver API gives a more simplistic and compact programming interface for the selenium. They can be categorized into five types.

How do you automate API testing?

Automate Your API Tests with Postman

  1. Validate Your Schema. Use the schema as a single source of truth to write tests against your API.
  2. Write Test Suites. Write test suites so that teams can debug together.
  3. Integrate Testing into Your CI/CD Pipeline. Add a test suite as a build step to ensure your APIs are compatible.

Is Selenium WebDriver an API?

Selenium WebDriver is an open-source API that allows you to programmatically interact with a browser on an operating system the way a real user would. Although it is primarily used to help browser testing of web applications is can also be used for any task where you need browser automation.

What is the difference between WebDriver findElement and WebElement findElement?

Hi Nilaabh, Selenium Webdriver uses findElement and findElements methods to find locators of any web element. Now the difference between them is that the findElement command takes in the By object as the parameter and returns an object of type WebElement.

How do I use Pagefactory in Selenium?

Page Factory is a class provided by Selenium WebDriver to support Page Object Design patterns. In Page Factory, testers use @FindBy annotation. The initElements method is used to initialize web elements. Similarly, one can use @FindBy with different location strategies to find web elements and perform actions on them.

How do I launch ie in WebDriver?

Open Internet Explorer browser–> Select Internet Options from Tools menu. 2. Select Security Tab –> Select Enable Protected Mode option — > Check the default Zone level for ‘Internet’. If you look at the screen shot below, security level for this zone is selected as ‘Allowed level for this zone : Medium to High.’ and ‘Enable Protected Mode

How to use WebDriver?

Relationship between WebDriver and other software. Microsoft Edge.

  • Download Microsoft Edge Driver. Go to edge://settings/help and note your version of Microsoft Edge.
  • Choose a WebDriver testing framework.
  • Automate Microsoft Edge with WebDriver.
  • Other WebDriver installation options.
  • Application Guard.
  • Which is the super interface of WebDriver?

    ImeHandler – An interface for managing input methods.

  • Navigation – An interface for provide mechanism to access browser history.
  • Options – An interface for managing stuff you would do in a browser menu
  • TargetLocator – Used to locate a given frame or window.
  • Timeouts – An interface for managing timeout behavior for WebDriver instances.
  • How to know selenium version from WebDriver?

    Relationship between WebDriver and other software.

  • Install Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Ensure you install Microsoft Edge (Chromium).
  • Download Microsoft Edge Driver.
  • Choose a WebDriver language binding.
  • Automate Microsoft Edge (Chromium) with WebDriver.
  • Other WebDriver installation options.
  • Testing Internet Explorer.
  • Application Guard.
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