What are the alternatives to Microsoft Visio?

What are the alternatives to Microsoft Visio?

List Of Top Visio Alternatives

  • EdrawMax.
  • LucidChart.
  • SmartDraw.
  • Pencil Project.
  • Draw.io.
  • Yed Graph Editor.
  • Creately.
  • Google Drawings.

Can SmartDraw open Visio files?

Importing Visio® files in SmartDraw is easy. Click the Visio File option under the Import section of the SmartDraw Template Browser. SmartDraw will import a single Visio® file or let you convert an entire batch of files.

Does SmartDraw work on Mac?

SmartDraw is the easiest and most powerful way to create a diagram on any platform, including your Mac. SmartDraw makes creating any type of diagram a breeze with quick-start templates and smart automation that helps you find and add symbols, format your diagram, and then share it in just a few clicks.

Does Google have a Visio alternative?

diagrams.net is the most tightly Google Drive integrated diagramming application available. draw.io is completely free online diagram editor built around Google Drive(TM), that enables you to create flowcharts, UML, entity relation, network diagrams, mockups and more.

How do I convert SmartDraw to Visio?

You can also export any SmartDraw diagram as Visio® file so your users can continue to collaborate with anyone in your organization who hasn’t made the switch. To export to Visio, go to the Home tab, click on Export, and choose VSD or VSDX in the Export dialog.

How do I convert an image to Visio stencil?

How to Convert Pictures to Shapes With Visio

  1. Open Microsoft Visio 2010 by clicking on the Visio icon in the start menu.
  2. Create a new drawing by selecting “Blank Drawing” at the bottom of the opening screen.
  3. Select the “Insert” sub-menu from the top navigation menu.
  4. Select an image file from the directory window.

How do I open a Visio file on a Mac?

How to Open Visio (VSD/VSDX/VDX) files on Mac with Document Reader?

  1. Download and install the software. Click the icon below to download Cisdem Document Reader.
  2. Open VSD/VSDX/VDX files on your Mac. After running the software, you can directly open your VSD/VSDX/VDX files by adding them or drag & drop them into app.

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