What are the advantages of using Maglev technology in wind turbines?

What are the advantages of using Maglev technology in wind turbines?

Its main advantages are that it uses frictionless bearings and a magnetic levitation design and it does not need to vast spaces required by more conventional wind tur- bines. It also requires little if any maintenance. The Maglev wind turbine was first unveiled at the Wind Power Asia exhibition in Beijing 2007.

What technology does a wind turbine use?

Wind turbines work on a simple principle: instead of using electricity to make wind—like a fan—wind turbines use wind to make electricity. Wind turns the propeller-like blades of a turbine around a rotor, which spins a generator, which creates electricity.

How does Maglev wind turbine save energy?

Using magnetic levitation, the blades of the turbine are suspended on an air cushion, and the energy extracted by linear generators with minimal friction losses. The major advantage of Maglev is claimed to be that it reduces maintenance costs, and increases the lifespan of the generator.

Why is windmill used?

The most important use of the windmill was for grinding grain. In certain areas its uses in land drainage and water pumping were equally important. The windmill has been used as a source of electrical power since P. La Cour’s mill, built in Denmark in 1890 with patent sails and twin fantails on a steel tower.

What advances in technology are being pursued for use of wind energy?

Some of the main areas of innovation are: Longer and lighter rotor blades – with some reaching 95 metres long. Blades with curved tips that are designed to take maximum advantage of all wind speeds. Blades that are better able to withstand the stresses of high-altitude wind and taller towers.

Can magnets spin a turbine?

The magnets found in a permanent magnet motor are made mostly of neodymium and therefore are extremely potent and durable permanent magnets. To generate electricity, the wind turns the turbine, which then turns the magnets of the generator on and makes an electric current.

Can magnets lift a human?

Diamagnetic levitation Normal things, even humans, can levitate if they are placed in a strong magnetic field. Although the majority of ordinary materials, such as wood or plastic, seem to be non-magnetic, they all exhibit very weak diamagnetism. Such materials can be levitated using magnetic fields of about 10 Tesla.

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