What are the 30 parts of computer?

What are the 30 parts of computer?

Parts of a computer with their functions

  • The computer case. This is the part that holds all of the internal components to make up the computer itself.
  • Motherboard.
  • CPU: Central Processing Unit.
  • RAM: Random Access Memory.
  • Graphics Card.
  • Sound Card.
  • Hard Drive.
  • SSD: Solid State Drive.

What are computer parts?

CPU, memory, input & output. Input & output devices. Central Processing Unit (CPU) Computer memory. Secondary memory.

What are 7 parts of a computer?

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  • Motherboard. The motherboard is the computer’s main circuit board.
  • CPU/processor.
  • RAM (random access memory)
  • Hard drive.
  • Power supply unit.
  • Video card.
  • Network card.
  • Bluetooth card (or adapter)

What are the 4 main parts of a computer?

Basic Components of Computer

  • Input Unit.
  • Output Unit.
  • Memory Unit.
  • Control Unit.
  • Arithmetical and Logical Unit.

What are the 10 functions of computer?

Functions of Computer

  • Input Function.
  • Processing Data.
  • Storing the Data.
  • Output Function.
  • Conclusion.

What are the parts of laptop?

The parts of laptop include display screen, keyboard, base panel, top panel, Cooling Fan, RAM, hard disk, palm rest assembly, battery, hinges, speaker, optical drive, antenna etc. Introduction: As we know laptop is most common computing device used around the world due to its portable nature.

What are the four main parts of computer?

What are the names for the parts of a computer? Moz: The names of the four most important parts are – CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse.

What are the 5 parts of the computer?

5 parts of a computer

  • A motherboard.
  • A Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • A Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), also known as a video card.
  • Random Access Memory (RAM), also known as volatile memory.
  • Storage: Solid State Drive (SSD) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

What are the 3 parts of a computer system?

Computer systems consist of three components as shown in below image: Central Processing Unit, Input devices and Output devices.

What are the 6 parts of a computer?

Chips are made of silicon with embedded transistors that can be turned on or off, which is the language of 1’s and 0’s that computers understand.

  • Central Processing Unit.
  • Random Access Memory.
  • Read-Only Memory.
  • Secondary Storage.
  • Motherboard.
  • Software.

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