What are Tgcsa criteria?

What are Tgcsa criteria?

The TGCSA Star Grading is an independent quality assessment and official ranking system recognised around the world that helps customers realise the overall quality of the establishment and the kind of facilities they can expect.

What is Tgcsa grading?

The Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) is the only officially recognised quality assurance body for tourism products in South Africa. Simply put, when it comes to recognisable Hotel, B&B, Guest House, MESE (Meetings, Exhibitions and Special Events) Venues etc.

What criteria would the assessor use to give grading to the accommodation establishment?

Qualified grading assessors make their assessments based on a number of factors including amenities and facilities available, food, beverages and location, among others. The establishment is then given stars (one to five) corresponding with the quality of their facilities and services.

How does the Tourism grading Council of South Africa grade accommodation establishments?

The Tourism Grading Council evaluates those South African establishments which apply for grading and grades them 1 to 5 stars (view Explanation of Star Grading Assessments below), according to the type of accommodation provided – hotels, lodges, b&bs, self catering, camping and backpackers.

What is the biggest benefit of belonging to the Tgcsa?

The Big Benefits of Grading Being a TGCSA Graded Establishment wins your consumer’s confidence, instantly. It is that unspoken advantage you have over all ungraded establishments from the starting block of every race.

What is the role of Tgcsa in the industry?

The TGCSA plays an important role in the quality assurance of accommodation products where these tourists stay and in their experience of South Africa and its diversity.

What are the benefits of Tgcsa?

Star Graded establishments have a major advantage over ungraded establishments. Access to millions of global travellers through the TGCSA’s strategic online partnerships such as TripAdvisor. Savings on Search Engine Optimisation. Star Graded establishments get top results on Google Search.

What are grading criteria?

Descriptors setting out in detail what a candidate must achieve in order to be awarded a specific grade.

What is the purpose of Tgcsa?

The strategic objectives of the TGCSA were to quality grade establishments accurately, to continually enhance the credibility of the grading process and the grading criteria, ensuring that there was a tangible basket of benefits for graded establishments, and finally to continue to enhance the credibility of the …

What are the benefits of being graded in a Tgcsa?

Being a TGCSA Graded Establishment wins your consumer’s confidence, instantly. It is that unspoken advantage you have over all ungraded establishments from the starting block of every race.

Why is Tgcsa important?

Why is the Tgcsa system grading necessary?

It is so important for all of us in the Travel and Tourism industry to use and promote TGCSA Star Graded establishments. By doing this, we help our country achieve the highest level of quality assurance, promote optimal value for money and give ‘customer expectation’ the paramount position it deserves.

What does the TGCSA’s new grading mean for You?

The TGCSA has also introduced a new dimension to grading which allows for properties to capitalize on niche market differentiation. This new addition termed “accolades” includes insignia and criteria for niche markets such as child-friendly, pet-friendly, wedding venues, spa and wellness facilities, 4×4 etc.

What does TGCSA do?

The most respected entity with the right resources and knowledge to grade establishments, TGCSA awards the only stars worth trusting. Issued by South African Tourism on behalf of the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa.

How has the grading system changed in 2019?

Following the most recent revision, implemented 01 April 2019, of our criteria the Grading System is far more thorough, more consistent and follows stringent quantitative and qualitative core requirement and quality standards.

What are the new hotel grading criteria?

The new grading criteria include the introduction of two new categories in the form of “apartment hotels” and “small hotels” in which the luxury form (boutique hotels) would be encompassed.

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