What are flowed heads?

What are flowed heads?

Head Flow is the efficiency at which the air/fuel mixture flow through the ports of the heads. Back in the 60’s and even as recently as the 80’s, car manufacturers where making very inefficient heads.

How good are Dart Pro 1 heads?

Compared to the stock intake ports, the Dart Pro 1 CNC heads offer twice as much flow (325 cfm vs. 160 cfm). The exhaust flow is even more impressive, with the Pro 1 heads coming in at 235 cfm compared to just 112 cfm for the stock heads, a gain of over 110 percent.

Are Dart SHP heads good?

Dart SHP Heads are one of the best bangs for your buck that actually make damn good power and are American Made. In regards to that test, Dart had a disadvantage, otherwise they would have won this hands down by much more than 1HP.

What are good flow numbers for heads?

Most cylinder head experts will tell you that a number above 70 to 75 percent is considered good, especially if the intake port flow is also a good number. While the temptation is great to concentrate on the peak lift flow numbers, we suggest concentrating on the mid-lift flow numbers and how they compare.

What is a Dart Big M block?

Dart engineered the Big M to be the strongest, most reliable, and easiest to build big block on the market. With deck heights of 9.800” and 10.200” and bore sizes up to 4.600”, the Big M gives you the versatility to build a wide variety of engine combinations.

What is a dart LS next block?

The LS Next block is the first significant change in the bottom end architecture of the LS engine platform. By eliminating the “Y-block” design and utilizing conventional style main caps and oil pans. Dart has addressed the problems resulting from the LS engine’s separated crankcase bays.

Where are Dart SHP heads made?

The immense CNC machining centers that produce Dart heads and blocks from raw castings are located in a separate manufacturing facility in nearby Melvindale, Michigan.

Which heads are better 706 vs 862?

The 706Vortec heads are even slightly superior to the commonly found 862 heads. The reason is that the 706 heads are SPM (semi-permanent mold) made, while the 862 heads are sand cast. The SPM method is considered to be a more consistent process, but once you port the 862 head, any difference to the 706 head goes away.

What are good flow numbers for SBC heads?

How do you measure head cfm?

C.F.M. calculator

  1. C.F.M. = Engine Size (C.I.D.)
  2. times maximum R.P.M.
  3. divided by 3456.

What kind of heads does Dart make for 180cc engines?

Works with most standard components. Dart’s SHP (Special High Performance) 23° 180cc cylinder heads provide an affordable option to those looking for the weight savings of an Aluminum head for a street performance engine. The SHP is designed to work with most off the shelf components.

Why did Dart come up with the Pro 1 heads?

The main reason that Dart came up with those heads is to be able to compete against Patriots and other less costly head manufacturer. They are easier to manufacture than the Pro 1, so they can sell them cheaper and be closer, price wise, to the Patriots, etc heads.

Would a 200cc head fit on a 383?

Would have though the 180’s would have been in the 240 ish range. The numbers do not look impressive at first,but this an entry level head.The 200cc does flow 260cfm and would be interesting on a 383 build. The main reason that Dart came up with those heads is to be able to compete against Patriots and other less costly head manufacturer.

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