What apps work with Bad Elf?

What apps work with Bad Elf?

Bad Elf GNSS receivers will work with all of the Esri capture apps such as Collector for ArcGIS, Survey123 for ArcGIS, and ArcGIS QuickCapture on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Can I use Bad Elf GPS with Google Maps?

Will Bad Elf GPS products work with the default Maps app or Google’s Maps app? Kind of. Both of these apps need an Internet connection to download new map data any time you move or zoom the map. These apps do cache the current screen, so as long as your position does not move off the screen, it will work.

How do I connect my Bad Elf to my Android phone?

Go to your Settings screen on your phone/tablet and navigate to Bluetooth settings (usually listed under “Connections”). You should find your Bad Elf listed as one of the available connections. Select it from the list to pair your device with it.

What does Bad Elf GPS do?

Mapping-Grade GPS, Powered by Bad Elf Bad Elf also supports Android and Windows devices, providing streaming location data in standard NMEA sentences. Our products offer a range of capabilities and accuracies (from 2.5 meters down to 1 centimeter1) to match your requirements.

How do I update Bad Elf Pro?

Here’s how:

  1. Use the App Store to make sure you have the latest version of the Bad Elf Utility App.
  2. Plug your Bad Elf GPS Receiver into your iOS device.
  3. Open the Bad Elf Utility app on your iOS device.
  4. Press the button to update to the latest firmware.

Is Bad Elf GNSS surveyor accurate?

From the analysis below, one can make the determination for this recorded session that the Bad Elf achieved a positional accuracy of ~88% within 1 meter of the actual location.

How do you use the Bad Elf wombat?

Simple to Use

  1. Step 1: Download. Using the JDM Mobile app, log into your account and download updates to your iPhone or iPad over cellular or Wi-Fi.
  2. Step 2: Connect. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the Wombat’s Wi-Fi network.
  3. Step 3: Transfer. Use the JDM Mobile app to transfer pending updates to the card.

How do I reset my Bad Elf GPS Pro?

With the Bad Elf GPS turned OFF, press and hold the middle button.

  1. While continuing to hold the middle button, press and hold the top button turn the Bad Elf GPS Receiver ON.
  2. The Bad Elf GPS Receiver will display a pop-up message seen below indicating success, the existing pairings manifest has been Cleared.

How do you pair a bad elf?

Outdoor Tasks

  1. Stand outside.
  2. Attach your Bad Elf GPS to your iOS device.
  3. Open the Bad Elf app.
  4. On the Bad Elf tab, you should see your device listed under Bad Elves Connected.
  5. The LED on the Bad Elf GPS should start blinking.
  6. Go to the GPS tab and swipe two pages to the right to the Satellites page.

Is Bad Elf waterproof?

Compact, rugged, and splash-proof, the GPS Pro will survive the journey and then let you share with your friends your amazing trip. Works with all location-based apps. Apps galore. The Bad GPS Pro meets all requirements under Apple’s MFi program, and works great with any location-based app in the App Store.

How can I tell if my iPad has built-in GPS?

If your iPad is a WiFi & Cellular model – then it will have aGPS capabilities. If by contrast your iPad is a WiFi Only model, then your iPad does not have built-in GPS. For iPad, aGPS (Assisted GPS) features are an integral part of the Cellular chipset.

What is the Bad Elf utility app?

This utility app allows owners of any Bad Elf GPS accessory to check the health of the Bad Elf hardware, view the GPS data being received, transfer and view trip logs, and install firmware updates.

How does Bad Elf GPs work on iOS devices?

When you connect to any Bad Elf GPS product, it immediately starts feeding location data to your iOS device. Any app that requires positional data will automatically be fed the more accurate location information, in almost all instances, this will be provided by the Bad Elf GPS. How do Bad Elf GPS products affect the battery life of my iOS device?

How do I Turn on Bluetooth with the Bad Elf GPS pro?

If you are using the Bad Elf GPS Pro, however, you will need to manually turn on Bluetooth after switching to “airplane mode” because “airplane mode turns off Bluetooth. How can I tell if my app is using the Bad Elf GPS versus the built-in GPS in my Apple device?

What cable do you use for Bad Elf GPS?

Many Bad Elf owners have found the cables from CableJive to work well, they make both 30-pin connector and Lightning versions. I have a 30-pin Bad Elf GPS.

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