What animals were discovered in 2012?

What animals were discovered in 2012?

Here’s the full list:

  • Lilliputian Violet, Peru.
  • Lyre Sponge, Pacific Ocean.
  • Lesula Monkey, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • No to the Mine! Snake, Panama.
  • Ochroconis anomala, France.
  • Paedophryne amanuensis, New Guinea.
  • Eugenia petrikensis, Madagascar.
  • Luchihormetica luckae, Ecuador.

What is the newest species found in the ocean?

Blood-red jellyfish. In August, researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced the discovery of a brand-new and unnamed species of blood-red jellyfish. The dark red jelly likely belongs to the genus Poralia, according to the researchers.

What did they find in the ocean in 2021?

Amazed researchers find mammoth tusk 10,000 feet under the sea. In July 2021, scientists discovered a three-foot-long tusk from an extinct Columbian mammoth some 10,000 feet beneath the ocean. Researchers collected the specimen off the California coast.

What new species have been discovered in the last 10 years?

8 Incredible Animals Discovered In The Last Decade

  • The Purple Crab, 201.
  • Micro Chameleon, 2012.
  • The Staten Island Frog, 2011.
  • The Garuda Wasp, 2011.
  • The Tube-nosed Bat, 2009.
  • The Matilda Viper, 2010.
  • The African Dwarf Sawshark, 2011.
  • The Psychedelic Gecko, 2011.

What is a new species 2021?

In January 2021, scientists from the Florida Museum of Natural History announced the discovery of a new species of fleshy verdigris lichen called Cora timucua. According to their report published in ScienceDaily, the people who originally collected this species, between 1885 and 1985, misidentified the specimens.

What was found in the ocean 2020?

Scientists Discover a New Coral Reef During an expedition off the coast of Australia, researchers aboard the Falkor, a vessel run by the Schmidt Ocean Institute, discovered a massive coral reef pinnacle that reached a height taller than the Empire State Building.

Have they found the bottom of the ocean?

2019: Victor Vescovo reached a deeper part of Challenger Deep at 35,853 feet, breaking the record for the deepest dive in DSV Limiting Factor. His dive was part of the Five Deeps Expedition to reach the bottom of every ocean on Earth.

How much of the ocean is discovered 2022?

According to the National Ocean Service, it’s a shockingly small percentage. Just 5 percent of Earth’s oceans have been explored and charted – especially the ocean below the surface. The rest remains mostly undiscovered and unseen by humans.

What animals were discovered in 2010?

Top 10 New Species of 2010

  • Bioluminescent Mushroom. (Image credit: Cassius V.
  • Darwin’s Bark Spider. (Image credit: Matjaž Kuntner (Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts))
  • Titanic bacterium.
  • H.
  • Monitor Lizard.
  • Golden Spotted Monitor.
  • Pollinating Cricket.
  • Pollinating Cricket.

What animal was discovered in 2015?

A shape-shifting frog from Ecuador, a giant virus from Siberia, a bioluminescent shark, a ruby seadragon, and the world’s smallest snail are among the twenty most bizarre species discovered in 2015. 1.

What is the latest animal to go extinct?

Recently Extinct Animals

  • Splendid Poison Frog. Estimated extinction date: 2020.
  • Spix’s Macaw. Estimated extinction date: …
  • Northern White Rhinoceros. Estimated extinction date: 2018.
  • Baiji. Estimated extinction date: 2017.
  • Pyrenean Ibex. Estimated extinction date: 2000.
  • Western Black Rhinoceros.
  • Passenger Pigeon.
  • The Quagga.

What is the newest species on Earth 2022?

On Feb. 10, 2022 in Alberta, Canada, scientsits announced a newly identified dinosaur, known by its Latin name thanatotheristes degrootorum. The dinosaur is roughly a 79.5 million-year-old fossil and makes the new species 2.5 million years older than its closest relative.

How many new species of fish are discovered each year?

“It means that eventually, we might be able to describe most of the unknown species. If you consider fish, we estimate there are 5,000 species still undescribed. We’re discovering 150 new species of fish every year — 30 years at that rate, and it’s mission accomplished.”

How many animals are there in the ocean?

Besides fish, the study suggests there are as many as eight undiscovered whale and dolphin species, 10 undescribed marine reptiles, and thousands of sponges, crustaceans, algae, plants, and other species still to be found.

Did you know that this ocean species has been polluted with plastic?

As part of an expedition to the Marianas Trench in 2014, a team of scientists discovered a new species. Located about 6,900 meters below the ocean surface, one particular new specimen of crustacean was alarmingly already polluted with plastic before it was even known to science.

Could all ocean species one day be named?

Pushed by a renewed interest in discovering new species, one scientist believes all ocean species could one day be named. Up to two thirds of the plant and animal species in the world’s oceans may be undiscovered, according to the largest study of the oceans’ biodiversity ever conducted.

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