What advice does Mick give to Ender?

What advice does Mick give to Ender?

He offers Ender some advice: “Make friends. Be a leader. Kiss butts if you’ve got to, but if the other guys despise you – you know what I mean?” (5.74).

Why does Peter despise his brother ender?

Why does Peter despise his brother Ender? He plans to kill Ender when they least expect it.

What is Peter’s threat to Valentine and Ender?

His brother Peter is angered by the fact that Ender had his monitor for longer than he did. Peter decides that he and Ender should play buggers and astronauts, a common children’s game.

Is Valentine Ender’s sister?

Valentine is Ender’s older sister, and she does what she can to protect him from Peter, their sadistic older brother.

Why is ender being a third considered negative?

Ender being a “Third” means that he is the third child of his family. For his parents, having a third child was negative. negative because it made Peter feel like he wasn’t good enough when his parents were asked to “try again.”

Is Ender a real name?

The name Ender is a boy’s name meaning “very rare”. This popular Turkish name has a very on-trend sound and is familiar to English speakers thanks to Orson Scott Card’s sci-fi novel Ender’s Game. The book has recently been turned into a movie, starring Asa Butterfield as Andrew “Ender” Wiggin.

Why does Ender want to finish the game?

Why does Ender want to finish the game? He wants to live like the other kids and fit in. What changes Ender’s perception of his first meeting with the Salamander Army? He hears him cry all at one time, sending his army against Ender.

What does Petra teach ender?

Petra is the best sharpshooter and something of a rebel, so she takes Ender under her wing and teaches him how to shoot when he’s in Salamander Army. She later becomes Ender’s commander when he’s a toon leader in Phoenix Army; and even later, she becomes a squadron leader in the final battles.

What does Peter Hope do?

Peter essentially wants to rule the world, so he wants to produce a unified world of peace for him to rule.

Who does Petra believe the real enemy to be?

Petra tells Ender she will teach him how to fight in the battleroom. Petra does so, and also tells him that they can control gravity and do many things that the adults do not tell them about. The adults are the enemy in her mind.

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