Was there a movie Town Without Pity?

Was there a movie Town Without Pity?

Town Without Pity (German: Stadt ohne Mitleid) is a 1961 American/Swiss/West German international co-production drama film directed by Gottfried Reinhardt….

Town Without Pity
Produced by Eberhard Meichsner Gottfried Reinhardt
Starring Kirk Douglas Barbara Rütting Christine Kaufmann E.G. Marshall
Cinematography Kurt Hasse

How can I watch Town Without Pity?

Watch Town Without Pity | Prime Video.

Who recorded Town Without Pity?

Gene PitneyTown Without Pity / Artist
“Town Without Pity” is a song written by composer Dimitri Tiomkin and lyricist Ned Washington. The track, produced by Aaron Schroeder, was originally recorded by Gene Pitney for the 1961 film of the same title. In the US, the Gene Pitney recording went to #13 on the Hot 100.

When was the Movie Town Without Pity released?

October 10, 1961 (USA)Town Without Pity / Release date

What year was the song a Town Without Pity released?

1962Town Without Pity / Released

Who sang Town Without Pity in the 60s?

Gene Pitney
Gene Pitney, a successful songwriter of the early 1960s rock-pop scene who reinvented himself as a teen idol with a melodramatic tenor and such hits as the Oscar-nominated “Town Without Pity,” was found dead Wednesday morning in a hotel room in Wales. He was 65.

What ever happened to Gene Pitney?

The American singer-songwriter Gene Pitney, whose biggest hit was Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa, has been found dead in a hotel room in Cardiff, it was announced today. He was found dead early this morning while midway through a 23-date UK tour, his agent, Jene Levy, said.

Who did Gene Pitney write songs for?

Music publisher and songwriter Aaron Schroeder signed the young Pitney, who in the early 1960s wrote the signature Ricky Nelson hit “Hello Mary Lou,” the Roy Orbison tune “Today’s Teardrops,” the Crystals classic “He’s a Rebel” and Bobby Vee’s “Rubber Ball.”

Who did Gene Pitney marry?

Lynne GaytonGene Pitney / Spouse (m. 1967–2006)

Personal life. At the height of his fame in 1967, Pitney married his childhood sweetheart, Lynne Gayton, and the couple had three sons, Todd, Chris, and David.

Is Marc Almond still alive?

Peter Mark Sinclair “Marc” Almond, OBE (born 9 July 1956) is an English singer-songwriter and musician. Almond first began performing and recording in the synthpop/new wave duo Soft Cell….Marc Almond.

Marc Almond OBE
Occupation(s) Musician singer-songwriter
Instruments Vocals guitar
Years active 1976–present

Where is Gene Pitney buried?

Somers Center Cemetery, Somers, CTGene Pitney / Place of burial

Is Gene Pitney still alive?

April 5, 2006Gene Pitney / Date of death

Who are the actors in Town Without Pity?

Town Without Pity ( German: Stadt ohne Mitleid) is a 1961 American/Swiss/West German international co-production drama film directed by Gottfried Reinhardt. Produced by The Mirisch Corporation, the film stars Kirk Douglas, Barbara Rütting, Christine Kaufmann, and E. G. Marshall .

Is Town Without Pity a classic?

TOWN WITHOUT PITY was avant garde when it was released. Verified purchase I mainly bought this two-film DVD for 1961’s TOWN WITHOUT PITY, but both films are classics. TOWN WITHOUT PITY is a 1961 film set in Germany (“West Germany” during the Cold War) in the Bavarian town of Bamberg.

Who wrote the music for Town Without Pity?

The film’s score is by Dimitri Tiomkin. Tiomkin also wrote the music for the song “Town Without Pity”, with lyrics by Ned Washington. It was performed by Gene Pitney. The song became an Academy Award nominee and Pitney’s first Top 40 single.

Did Dalton Trumbo write Town Without Pity?

At Kirk Douglas’ suggestion, the film was rewritten without credit by Dalton Trumbo. In occupied Germany in 1960, four somewhat drunk American soldiers leave Florida Bar, where “Town Without Pity” is playing on the jukebox, and head to a river in the nearby countryside.

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