Is Venetian a dialect or language?

Is Venetian a dialect or language?

Although referred to as an Italian dialect (Venetian: diałeto, Italian: dialetto) even by some of its speakers, Venetian is a separate language with many local varieties….Venetian language.

Native speakers 3.9 million (2002)
Language family Indo-European Italic Romance Italo-Western Western Romance Venetian
Official status

Is Venetian Gallo italic?

The Gallo-Italic languages. They include Piedmontese, Ligurian, Western and Eastern Lombard, Emilian, Romagnol, Gallo-Italic of Sicily and Gallo-Italic of Basilicata. Venetian is also part of the Gallo-Italic branch according both to Ethnologue and Glottolog.

What language did Venice speak?

Venetian (vèneto) Venetian is a Romance language spoken by about 2 million people mainly in Venice and the surrounding area, and also in Trieste, Croatia, Slovenia, Mexico and Brazil. The language is more closely related to French and Spanish than it is to Italian.

Is Venetian intelligible with Italian?

Venetian is a Romance language spoken in the region of Veneto (the capital is Venice) by about 2 million people (!). It is very close to Italian, French and Spanish, and it’s basically mutually intelligible with its neighbouring languages, so no problems there!

What is Veneziano?

Veneziano, meaning “of Venice”, “from Venice”, or “the Venetian”, may refer to: Veneziano (surname), an Italian surname, often derived as a nickname for persons from Venice.

Is Dalmatian still spoken?

Dalmatian (/dælˈmeɪʃən/) or Dalmatic (/dælˈmætɪk/; Dalmatian: langa dalmata or simply dalmato; Italian: lingua dalmatica, dalmatico; Croatian: dalmatski) is an extinct Romance language that was spoken in the Dalmatia region of present-day Croatia, and as far south as Kotor in Montenegro….Dalmatian language.

Linguasphere 51-AAA-t

Can Italians understand Lombard?

Western Lombard and Italian Western Lombard and Standard Italian are very different. Some speakers of Lombard varieties may have difficulty understanding one another and require a standard to communicate, but all Western Lombard varieties are mutually intelligible.

Can Sicilians and Neapolitans understand each other?

The local dialects all exist along large continua, so that Sicilian dialects are somewhat mutually intelligible with the Calabrese dialects, which are somewhat mutually intelligible with the Neapolitan dialects, etc.

How do you pronounce Veneziano?


  1. IPA: /ve.netˈt͡
  2. Rhymes: -ano.
  3. Hyphenation: ve‧ne‧zià‧no.

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