Is Ultramax Ammunition still in business?

Is Ultramax Ammunition still in business?

Ultramax Ammunition has been in business since 1986 and operates daily with a goal to provide a quality product at a fair price. In addition to supplying ammo enthusiasts with a great product, Ultramax also strives to provide excellent customer service with every order!

What happened Ultramax Ammo?

The fire that caused a public safety scare and destroyed the Ultramax ammunition factory in Box Elder in May was ruled an accident by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Is the 45 Long Colt a good defense round?

It is also a decent choice for personal defense and hunting. However, for short-range effect—and handguns that are packable and reasonably light are short-range handguns—the . 45 Colt has more weight and diameter with the best loads.

Is there a difference between .45 and .45 Colt?

45 Colt and the . 45 Long Colt are just different names for the same round. There is no difference between them. The name is often used to differentiate it from the more recently developed 45 ACP.

What is the 45 long colt good for?

45 Colt is a popular hunting load for deer and black bear, and heavier handloads are more powerful than a . 357 Magnum and approach the ballistics of a . 44 Magnum.

What guns use .45 Long Colt?

410 shotgun, such as the Taurus Judge and the Smith & Wesson Governor, are usually chambered for the . 45 Colt as well. A popular use for the . 45 Colt today is in Cowboy Action Shooting, where the round is often fired from either original or replicas of the 1873 Colt Single-Action Army.

What is the 45 Long Colt good for?

Is a 45 Colt a good gun?

. 45 Colt is a good cartridge if you mind its limitations. Factory loads are usually kept mild because there are just enough Colt single action revolvers nearing 150 years of age out there which might just get fired. The general rule is that if you want a hot load for a modern .

What is a .45 Long Colt good for?

What is the effective range of a 45 Long Colt?

I truly think the effective range is no more than 150 yards and I probably wouldnt shoot a deer that far again. If you reload, you can tweak your loads to fit your gun and it’s accuracy, hotter is not always better. I am shooting loads I loaded myself 240 grain Hornady XTP Mag with 21 grains of Alliant 2400 I believe.

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