Is there an app for FamilySearch?

Is there an app for FamilySearch?

Available on iPhone/ipad and Android (free). FamilySearch’s Family Tree app makes the features of the FamilySearch website available on your mobile device.

How do I download FamilySearch app?


  1. Open the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For Kindles, go to and set the search filter to Apps & Games. Or click the tab Appstore for Android.
  2. Search for FamilySearch.
  3. Find the desired app from the list. Android: Tap Install.
  4. When the app finishes its installation, tap its icon to open it.

Is FamilySearch tree app free?

Simple tools help users create a family story that can influence generations, and the best part is that these things are archived free forever. The app is available for iOS 7+ and Android 2.3+. The second of the new apps is FamilySearch Memories.

What is the best free family tree app?

Tracing your family tree? The 10 best apps to help you find your relatives

  • 8 ONE NOTE.

What is FamilySearch Memories app?

FamilySearch Memories allows you to take photos, record stories, and make audio recordings without having to first navigate to a person. You can take photos or make recordings and indicate later who is in the photos or stories.

How do I download Family Tree from FamilySearch?

Go to File > Export. Select the items that should be included in your exported tree, then click to export the file….Downloading your FamilySearch Tree with RootsMagic

  1. Open RootsMagic Essentials.
  2. From the welcome screen, select the option to create a new file OR from the File dropdown menu, choose New.
  3. Enter a file name.

How do you use FamilySearch memory app?

Steps ( Family Tree mobile app)

  1. Navigate to the details about an ancestor.
  2. Under the dark banner, tap Memories. At the top, tap an icon to see only photos, stories, documents, or audio files. At the bottom, tap the + and add a new memory for the person. To edit a memory item, tap the memory.

Is FamilySearch safe?

While some tests have incorrectly identified as being vulnerable to Heartbleed, our thorough analysis has told us there was never any threat, and is completely safe from this bug.

How do I download family tree from FamilySearch?

What is the best site for tracing family tree?

For that you can use the best DNA testing kits (opens in new tab) to unlock even more information about your past and your health.

  1. Best genealogy site overall.
  2. MyHeritage: Best genealogy site for fun features.
  3. Archives: Best genealogy website for deep research.
  4. FamilySearch: Best free genealogy website.

How do you use memories on FamilySearch?

What is the FamilySearch Tree app?

Your family history is the story of you. The FamilySearch Tree app makes it easy to add to, edit, or share your own family’s history anywhere you can take a phone or tablet. Since the app syncs with the FamilySearch website, changes or additions you make are available on any device. Family Tree —View, add, and edit information about your ancestors.

Is there a free version of FamilySearch?

Price: Free. Developer: FamilySearch International, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Do you know the church leaders? Learn present leaders & all latter-day Prophets!

What can I do with FamilySearch?

Tasks —See which ancestors FamilySearch has already found in historical records and get ideas for what to do next. Search Historical Records —Find your ancestors in the billions of records on to learn more details of your family story.

How many names are there in the FamilySearch database?

Today there are more than 2.5 billion freely searchable names in the database, thanks largely to those individuals’ efforts. This mobile adaptation of the program will allow more individuals to contribute, whether on a small or large scale.

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