Is there a contrabass recorder?

Is there a contrabass recorder?

The contrabass or great bass recorder is a wind instrument in F2 that belongs to the family of recorders. The contrabass recorder plays an octave lower than the ordinary bass (or “basset”) recorder.

What is the range of the bass recorder?

Bass. The bass recorder is the lowest of the standard 5 types of recorders. This recorder is based on F3 and plays one octave lower than the alto recorder. This gives the bass recorder a functional range of F3-F5.

What is the length of the contra bass recorder?

Recorder Lengths Compared Table

Recorder Type Length of Recorders Overview of Recorder Lengths
And The Contra Bass Is about 5 – 6 feet long depending on style (1.52-1.82m) The deepest sounds. These are very large instruments not as popular as the others and are seldom played.

What is the biggest recorder in the world?

A fully-functional recorder constructed of specially-treated stone pine and measuring 5 m 16 ft 5 in in length was made in Iceland by Stefan Geir Karlsson in 1994. Each hole is 8.5 cm 3.375in in diameter.

What is a giant recorder called?

Bass recorders as big as furniture Because they are so big, bass recorders and great bass recorders cannot be blown directly with the mouth as with a smaller sized instrument.

Is contrabass same as upright bass?

The double bass, also known as the upright bass, standup bass, or contrabass, is the largest and lowest-pitched bowed string instrument in the modern symphony orchestra. Unlike the bass guitar, it is not a member of the guitar-family of instruments.

Are a cello and bass the same?

Although the cello and double bass are the largest instruments in the string family, there is a substantial difference in their size. The double bass measures in at about 6 feet long and is the largest instrument in the string family, while the cello is slightly smaller in nature.

What is the difference between a descant and treble recorder?

The descant has a very high pitch, which means it can be quite piercing to the ear (especially if you’re just starting to learn the instrument). Most of the Baroque repertoire was written for the treble which has a lower range and sounds in general nicer to the ear (just like the piccolo to the flute).

Are wooden recorders better than plastic ones?

Wooden recorders are much more rewarding to play as they allow you to play with more expression. You can get more dynamics and colour from a wooden recorder. There is more resistance in wooden recorders, and often they are easier to play than plastic ones, especially on the lowest notes.

Is a recorder a piccolo?

The garklein recorder in C, also known as the sopranissimo recorder or piccolo recorder, is the smallest size of the recorder family. Its range is C6–A7 (C8). The name garklein is German for “quite small”, and is also sometimes used to describe the sopranino in G.

Is the double bass the same as the string bass?

The double bass, also known simply as the bass (or by other names), is the largest and lowest-pitched bowed (or plucked) string instrument in the modern symphony orchestra (excluding unorthodox additions such as the octobass). Similar in structure to the cello, it has four, although occasionally five, strings.

What is a contra bass recorder made of?

The thumb hole is indented, and small, and therefore is manageable for players with smaller hands. The contra bass recorder is made of stained maple and comes in a hard case with a cleaning rod, cork grease and maintenance instructions.

What is the difference between superio and Contra recorders?

These recorders have a large expressive range and will cope with the most demanding repertoire. The Superio recorders are highly ergonomic, with great attention given to comfort and the ease of fingering. The contra bass is a traditionally styled straight bass with a crook.

What is a Moeck contra bass?

This contra-bass offers easy playing with light carbon-fibre finger pads. The recorder parts are joined by clips, for easy assembly. The recorder includes a hard carry cased stand. The Moeck Subbass is the first ‘direct blow’ contra bass/subbass on the market.

How to make a PVC recorder?

+The PVC Recorder uses 3/4″ diameter, 1/16″ wall PVC. Pipe length is variable. A foot length is a good place to start. + about an inch of 7/8″ or 15/16″ dowel rod. + a saw, a drill, a file, tinsnips. cut a small length of pvc, about 1″ long. Then use the snips and cut once along the length of pipe.

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