Is Stay by Rihanna a cover?

Is Stay by Rihanna a cover?

Today, Marshall shares “Stay” from her forthcoming album, Wanderer – a cover of the Rihanna hit from 2012, originally written by Justin Parker and Mikky Ekko. “I love the tradition of covering songs,” Marshall says in a press release.

Who covered the song stay?


Title Performer Release date
Stay Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs August 1960
Stay Rikki Henderson January 1961
Stay The 4 Seasons June 1963
Stay Porgy and The Monarchs July 1963

Why did Rihanna write stay?

She asks him to tell her if he’s really into this so they can stop the cycle of breakups and makeups. At the same time, she doesn’t really understand why she loves him or feels like she cannot live without him, but this is the very reason why she wants him to stay.

Is Stay by Rihanna an original song?

“Stay” is a song recorded by Barbadian singer Rihanna for her seventh studio album, Unapologetic (2012)….Stay (Rihanna song)

Songwriter(s) Mikky Ekko Justin Parker Elof Loelv
Producer(s) Mikky Ekko Elof Loelv Justin Parker Kuk Harrell
Rihanna singles chronology
“Diamonds” (2012) “Stay” (2013) “Pour It Up / Remix” (2013)

When was Stay released Blackpink?

2018STAY / Released

Who Wrote Stay by Blackpink?

Teddy ParkSTAY / Lyricist

Who sang Stay with Rihanna?

RihannaStay / Artist

Who wrote Rihanna’s stay?

Mikky Ekko
Justin ParkerElof Loelv

Who wrote the song Stay by Blackpink?

Teddy Park
Bekuh BoomSeo Won-jin

Why did Jennie cry during Stay?

“I was moved to tears near the end of the concert when we were singing ‘Stay,’” she said. “The song has a lot of meaning for us.” “Stay” was released as part of BLACKPINK’s single album “Square Two” in November 2016. Jennie continued, “We were working on ‘Stay’ even before we made our debut.

Did Jennie write solo?

“Solo” (stylized in all caps) is the debut solo single of South Korean singer, rapper, and Blackpink member Jennie. Released on November 12, 2018, through YG and Interscope, the song was written by Teddy Park and produced by him alongside 24….Solo (Jennie song)

Recorded 2018
Genre Pop dance hip hop
Length 2:49
Label YG Interscope

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