Is phone allowed in Stella Maris College?

Is phone allowed in Stella Maris College?

The use of mobile phones is banned on campus. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones at any time or in any place on the College campus. Violation of this rule will result in confiscation of the phone and a fine will be levied.

Is jeans allowed in Stella Maris College?

Every student is expected to dress simply and modestly. The College mandates that students wear a saree, or salwar kameez, or jeans and kurta while on campus. Sleeveless attire is not permitted.

Will I get admission in Stella Maris College?

Admission Process Stella Maris College offers admissions at UG and PG level, admission in UG programme courses will be merit-based except for BA English and BVA courses. There will be an entrance examination for these courses at the UG level and for all courses at the PG level.

What is the hostel fees in Stella Maris College?

Hostel for : FemaleFee₹35.81 K – ₹45.25 K.

What is the dress code for MOP Vaishnav college?

DRESS CODE: Students are expected to wear comfortable and modest attire, in keeping with the dignity and decorum of the college. Obscenity and vulgarity in dressing is strictly prohibited. T-Shirts, three fourth pants, sleeveless tops, shorts and miniskirts are not permitted.

What is the dress code in ethiraj college?

Intriguingly enough, popular women’s colleges — MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Women’s Christian College, Stella Maris and Ethiraj — seem to have found uniformity in their ‘dress regulations’: “The code is simple. No tight fitting clothes, shorts or anything that doesn’t reach down to their ankles.

Is there uniform in Stella Maris College?

The College uniform is only available from the Uniform Shop at Stella Maris College. The shop is open from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the term and selected times during school holidays as noted on the home page. It is most easily accessed via the Eurobin Avenue entrance.

What is the dress code for MOP Vaishnav College?

How do I apply online for Stella Maris College?

How to Apply for Stella Maris College?

  1. Candidates seeking admission can fill the application form online through the official college website.
  2. Once the application form is duly filled up, candidates need to print it out and send its hard copy along with the required documents to the college office in person or by post.

How do I pay my Stella Maris application fee?

Applicants have to pay the application fee through Internet banking, credit/debit card only.

Is jeans allowed in MOP Vaishnav College?

Students in MOP Vaishnav have to do without tees, though they’re allowed the luxury of denim jeans. And as a standard, all clothes have to have sleeves.

How good is MOP Vaishnav College Quora?

MOP is a scam, its just the brand name that people fall for, otherwise the teaching is bad, you can see that the teachers are not qualified enough, some just read the slides. They did not get us a job, none of us got placed in campus, they just left us after the pandemic, and they never spoke about the interviews.

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