Is Pershore worth visiting?

Is Pershore worth visiting?

Pershore and the surrounding area offers a wealth of things to do to keep you occupied. From beautiful countryside and gorgeous gardens, to local arts and crafts, independent shopping and locally grown produce, you’ll not be stuck for things to discover.

What is Pershore famous for?

Pershore is famed for its elegant Georgian architecture, magnificent Abbey and the charming River Avon flowing parallel to the High Street. Set in the heart of the Vale Of Evesham, it has a wealth of history and heritage. The impressive medieval Pershore Abbey was founded in 689AD by King Oswald.

Is Pershore a nice place to live?

“Pershore is a lovely place,” says Ann. “People either stay here for a very short time – because they are upwardly mobile – or they stay forever.” The average age of the 8,000 plus population is perhaps a little higher than average – “because it is a nice place to be”.

How big is Pershore?

Pershore is a market town in the Wychavon district in Worcestershire, England, on the banks of the River Avon. The town is part of the West Worcestershire parliamentary constituency. At the 2011 census the population was 7,125.

How old is Pershore?

Pershore is the self-proclaimed “capital of the plum”, a tribute to the tradition of plum orchards in the area. The town grew up around the abbey founded here in 689 by St Oswald, and it is the abbey church that is the feature of greatest interest for most visitors.

Is Pershore rough?

Pershore Crime Overview Pershore is the most dangerous small town in Worcestershire, and is the 27th most dangerous overall out of Worcestershire’s 195 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Pershore in 2021 was 72 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is Pershore a town?

Pershore is a market town in the Wychavon district in Worcestershire, England, on the banks of the River Avon. The town is part of the West Worcestershire parliamentary constituency.

When was Pershore built?

Pershore Abbey was founded by King Aethelred of Mercia some time in the late seventh century, probably around 689AD. Further privileges were granted under the patronage of later Mercian kings.

Is Pershore safe place to live?

Is Evesham nice?

Is Evesham a Nice Place to Live? All in all, Evesham is described as pretty delightful! If you are the type who enjoys growing their own fruit and veg and going on countryside walks then Evesham could be the perfect place for you as it has rich soil and is close to the Cotswold’s.

Does Evesham get flooded?

There are no flood warnings or alerts in this area.

Who lives Evesham?

As recorded in the 2011 census there were 24,428 residents living in the town of Evesham, UK, there are slightly more females than males living in the town by 50.3%:49.7% and 75.3% of people living in the town are Christians. Therefore, it is estimated that in 2021, the population of Evesham, UK, is around 45, 538.

Pershore, a market and post town of England, in Worcestershire, on the Avon, 9 miles S. E. from Worcester. It was once famed for its abbey, of which there are now but few vestiges. It contains two churches, one of which, known by the name of the Holy Cross, is part of a church that was attached to an old abbey of that name.

How many parishes are there in Pershore?

THE PARISHES OF PERSHORE – Discover history and heritage in Worcestershire and the borderlands of England and Wales. Pershore Abbey and St Andrews Church. Historically there have been two parishes and two parish churches in Pershore. Their stories are integral to the history of Pershore.

What happened to the land of Pershore?

In 1065 the Earl of Mercia died and his lands reverted to the King. This land included land seized from Pershore Abbey. When this happened the Abbot of Pershore was probably hopeful that the abbey’s estates would be returned to Pershore but this was not to be.

What happened to Pershore Abbey?

Pershore Abbey was one of the largest abbeys in Britain, larger even than Worcester Cathedral. The abbey itself was destroyed in the Reformation, but the local inhabitants saved the church from destruction by purchasing it for their own use.

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