Is nano research a good journal?

Is nano research a good journal?

Nano Research offers readers an attractive mix of authoritative and comprehensive Reviews, original cutting-edge research in Communication and Full Paper formats. Rapid review to ensure quick publication is a key feature of Nano Research.

What are the impacts of nano technology?

Nanotechnology will have significant social impacts in the areas of military applications, intellectual property issues, as well as having an effect on labor and the balance between citizens and governments.

Is Elsevier a prestigious journal?

They’re generally legitimate. The negative reviews and boycotts aren’t about the quality of the journal, but are because of Elsevier’s alleged high prices (see The Cost of Knowledge). Elsevier publishes some of the best journals in some fields, e.g. The Lancet and Cell.

What is the impact of nanotechnology in our life?

Nanotechnology has the huge potential to transform people’s lives for the better. We start using cheap, lightweight solar plastics, which makes solar energy widely available. Nanoparticles can clean up toxic chemical spills, as well as air-borne pollutants.

What is good impact factor in nanotechnology?

The 2021-2022 Journal’s Impact IF of Nanotechnology is 3.874, which is just updated in 2022.

Is nano research open access?

Nano Research articles are published open access under a CC BY licence (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence). The CC BY licence is the most open licence available and considered the industry ‘gold standard’ for open access; it is also preferred by many funders.

How does nanotechnology negatively affect the safety of the society?

Out of three human studies, only one showed a passage of inhaled nanoparticles into the bloodstream. Materials which by themselves are not very harmful could be toxic if they are inhaled in the form of nanoparticles. The effects of inhaled nanoparticles in the body may include lung inflammation and heart problems.

What are the positive and negative impacts of nanotechnology on the environment and society?

Therefore, by detecting pollutants by specific sensors, we can help protect the sustainability of human health and the environment. Thus, nanotechnology provides us with a new approach to cut down the waste production, reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and discharge of hazardous chemicals in water bodies.

Why is nanotechnology important to our society?

Nanotechnology provides many benefits in many areas of life, it helps to improve many technological and industrial sectors to a large extent, such as information technology, energy, medicine, national security, environmental science, food safety, and many others.

How nanotechnology Will Change the World?

In the future, nanotechnology might help us make electrical lines, solar cells, and biofuels more efficient, and make nuclear reactors safer. Nanotechnology might lead to huge advances in health care, improving methods for detecting and treating diseases like cancer.

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