Is Manx Radio on DAB?

Is Manx Radio on DAB?

What frequency is Manx Radio on? In a world of multiplatform radio, with DAB, FM, HD Radio and radio online, there are many different ways to tune in, whether you want to listen in the car, on the bus or at home….Listen to Manx Radio on FM.

FM 89.0 MHz
FM 103.7 MHz

What frequency is Manx Radio on?

1368 kHz
Manx Radio’s main service is on FM and transmitted from five transmitters at sites around the Isle of Man. For technical reasons each transmitter uses a different frequency. Our FM network is designed to primarily target the population of the Isle of Man….

AM Foxdale
Frequency 1368 kHz
Grid Ref SC292778
Power 20kw

How do I contact Manx Radio?

Contact Us

  1. Studio: (01624) 661368 – Email.
  2. Studio Text: (07624) 166177.
  3. Mannin Line Answerphone: (01624) 682631.

Where is Manx Radio located?

the Isle of Man
Manx Radio is the national public service media provider of the Isle of Man and broadcasts from its own studio complex at Broadcasting House in Douglas.

What is the frequency for 3FM?

List of radio stations in Greater Accra Region

Name Frequency (MHz) Town or City
3FM 92.7 Kanda, Accra
Angel FM 102.9 Lapaz, Accra
STARR FM 103.5 Meridian House Ring Road, Accra
KASAPA FM 102.5 Farrah Avenue Adabraka, Accra

Who were the Radio Caroline DJs?

According to Johnny Walker, one of the best-known DJs on the Radio Caroline pirate ship, the jockeys on the station were united by their love of music….Who were the DJs on Radio Caroline?

  • Tony Blackburn.
  • Roger Gale.
  • Tommy Vance.
  • Bob Stewart.
  • Ray Teret.
  • Dave Lee Travis.
  • Tony Prince.
  • Spangles Muldoon.

What is the frequency for Accra FM?

List of radio stations in Greater Accra Region

Name Frequency (MHz) Town or City
Original Fm 91.9 Accra
Right FM 90.1
Montie FM 101.1 Accra
Eezy FM 107.5 Accra

Who owns the Ross Revenge?

On 23 September, she was registered as a pleasure craft in Panama with registry number 9625-POXT, and her callsign was HP-4344. In May 1983, Caroline Communications acquired full legal ownership of Ross Revenge, whereafter she was drydocked and given a protective coating.

What was played on Radio Caroline?

Tue 05.04

21:08 Dare – Road to Eden
20:57 Whitesnake – Guilty Of Love
20:54 Taste – Blister On The Moon
20:51 Florence The Machine – My Love
20:45 Rod Stewart – Mandolin Wind

Where is Hot FM located in Ghana?

Radio station, which broadcasts the ultimate music from Accra, Ghana….Radio contacts.

Address: #3 Farrah Ave, Adabraka, Accra GH
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @Hot-939-FM-203924756750

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