Is link the faces of evil official?

Is link the faces of evil official?

Both games are based on Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda franchise, but are not considered official entries in the game series, and are the first two games of three Zelda titles released for the CD-i.

Is link the Faces of Evil canon?

They are the only licensed The Legend of Zelda games developed for and released on a non-Nintendo system. The games have been subject to much criticism, and Nintendo does not recognize them as canon to The Legend of Zelda series.

Is there a link the faces of evil remake?

Link: The Faces of Evil Remastered is a remake of the classic Link: The Faces of Evil video game for the Compact Disc Interactive. As a reimagining of the iconic CD-i title, it features HD graphics, exclusive cutscenes, unlockable content, and most of the original voice cast from 1993.

Is wand of Gamelon canon?

All three are non-canon to the Zelda franchise. Faces of Evil, Wand of Gamelon, and Zelda’s Adventure were created after Philips secured the rights to use Nintendo characters in CD-i games. They received little funding and development time, with Nintendo providing only cursory input.

How many CD-i Zelda games are there?

three CDi Zelda games
The three CDi Zelda games were made as a result. Quality is not a word synonymous with these Zelda games, and yet fans over the years have not forgotten them.

Is CDI Zelda canon?

Did Nintendo make CDI games?

Three action-adventure games based on Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda franchise were published by Philips Interactive Media for the company’s Compact Disc-Interactive (CD-i) players….History.

1986 The Legend of Zelda (NES)
1991 A Link to the Past (SNES)
1993 Link’s Awakening (GB, GBC)

Is there a CDI emulator?

The Compact Disc Interactive (CD-i), is an interactive multimedia CD player and format developed and released by Philips on December 3, 1991….Philips CD-i emulators.

Developer Philips, Sony, Magnavox
Release date 1991
Discontinued 1998
Predecessor Philips Videopac + G7400

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