Is kurkure made of plastic?

Is kurkure made of plastic?

“The myth that Kurkure contains plastic has been proven untrue over a period of time. Kurkure, like any other snack made from rice and papad will burn. We are concerned with fake news continuing to spread,” said Sandipan Ghatak, a corporate communications associate at PepsiCo India.

Is kurkure Pakistani?

Kurkure is manufactured and sold mainly in India; it is also available in Pakistan and Bangladesh….Kurkure.

Official logo
Product type Masala Sticks
Owner PepsiCo (via Frito-Lay)
Country India, Pakistan
Introduced 1999 (India) 2007 (Pakistan)

Is kurkure fried or baked?

Kurkure was launched in India in 1999 and is a type of corn puffs which are made by mixing different grain meals like corn meal, gram meal, rice meal, spices and condiments. It is a fried snack and easily available in every nook and cranny in India.

What are the ingredients used to make kurkure?

firstly, in a large bowl take 1 cup rice flour, ¼ cup besan and 2 tbsp wheat flour. add ¼ tsp baking soda, ½ tsp salt and 2 cup water. whisk and mix well making sure everything is well combined. transfer the mixture to a large kadai and start stirring.

Is Puffcorn fried?

The product is made of a starchy base and deep fried in vegetable oil, which is not wholesome.

Is Kurkure harmful to eat?

Since refined ingredients are used, all the vitamins and minerals are completely leached out. So, you end up getting only empty calories from fats and carbohydrates. And not to forget, it is very high in sodium. So it is not recommended for hypertensive and diabetic patients.

Is Kurkure Halal or Haram?

All ingredients used in Kurkure and Flamin’ Hot variants are 100% Halaal, certified by SANHA ( – a government approved Halaal Certification body.

Which country invented Kurkure?

Kurkure- a product that was developed in India, has established a strong connect with consumers across the country as a great tasting ‘namkeen’ snack. Kurkure is one of the eight brands in PepsiCo India’s portfolio, each of which bring in over INR 1000 crore in annual estimated retail sales.

Who invented Kurkure?

One of the members of the founding team, Geetu Verma says, “The birth of Kurkure was part necessity, part serendipity.” Currently the Executive Director (food and refreshments) at Hindustan Unilever, Verma had strategised the brands launch in 1999.

Is Kurkure Puffcorn fried?

The product is consumed mostly by kids and young adults and often in large quantities. A high salt/starch/fat food like this if eaten in large quantities, can cause the onset of childhood obesity in kids and lifestyle diseases in adults. Kurkure is a deep fried product and uses an unspecified vegetable oil.

Which Kurkure flavour is best?

The green chutney , I think, is the best ever flavour of Kur-kure. Its spicy but not chilli. Its a mixed bag of flavors salty, sweety, spicy and tangy. The chips are crisp.

What is Kurkure Masala Munch?

Wow. Kurkure Masala munch is a pack of spicy and masala crunch snack which is a go to for a snacky time. Binge in… Yummy… Spicy..

How to make Kurkure spicy?

To make kurkure spicy, take 1 tsp of Kashmiri red chilli powder (as per your taste). Mix the red chilli powder with chaat masala, add the masala to kurkure, and mix well.

How to make Kurkure Namkeen at home?

To make kurkure spicy, take 1 tsp of Kashmiri red chilli powder (as per your taste). Mix the red chilli powder with chaat masala, add the masala to kurkure, and mix well. Crunchy and crispy kurkure Namkeen is ready to be served. Prepare them at home, let them cool down, and store them in an airtight container.

Can Kurkure explode when fried?

When the crust of kurkure has slightly roasted the chance of exploding is very low. When the kurkure are ready, take them out on a sieve. Suggestion: Use a sieve to discard extra oil. The kurkure will take 10-12 minutes to get fried. The fried kurkure only had salt, now we will add spices.

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