Is it cling to or cling on?

Is it cling to or cling on?

Both are correct, as is “clung onto.” As Ferrol says, usually only “cling to” is used in the figurative sense, but it would not be incorrect to use either of the other two versions in that sense.

What does it mean to cling onto something?

intransitive verb. If you cling to someone or something, you hold onto them tightly. Another man was rescued as he clung to the riverbank. She had to cling onto the door handle until the pain passed.

Is Clinged correct?

Clinged definition (nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of cling.

How do you spell Clinged?

the act of clinging; adherence.

Is onto a word in English?

Onto is a preposition, it implies movement, and is more specific that on. On to are two words, and when paired with each other, on acts as a part of a verbal phrase and to acts as a preposition. You can quickly remember the different by saying “up” before on/onto.

How do you use cling in a sentence?

Cling sentence example

  1. Don’t cling to the first thing you see.
  2. She patted the statue, feeling the magic cling to her as she rose.
  3. It all happened so fast that she didn’t have time to think, only to cling to the one solid thing she could find – Cade.

Why do I cling to the past?

People hold onto the past because they confuse feeling with reacting. Think about it, if you grew up seeing anger as an outburst, or sadness as withdrawal, it would make sense that you would see emotions as a warning sign rather than an avenue for healing. The challenge is, in order to heal, you have to feel it.

How do you cling something?

To cling is to tightly grasp something or to stick closely to something, like how wet clothes cling to the wearer. Clinging has to do with closeness. A scared child will cling to his parent, holding on tight. People in love cling to one another in embraces.

What is the meaning of Clinged?

1 : to hold fast by grasping or winding around To avoid falling, cling to the railing. 2 : to remain close He clings to the family. 3 : to hold fast or stick closely to a surface These wet socks are clinging to my feet. 4 : to continue to believe in We clung to the hope that we’d be rescued.

What is the clink mean?

a jail or prison
slang. : a jail or prison I spent a night in the clink.

Is onto the next chapter correct?

In US English, onto is more or less the standard form: it seems likely that this will eventually become the case in British English too. Remember, though, that you should never write on to as one word when it means ‘onwards and towards’. For example: ✓ Let’s move on to the next point.

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