Is ecru a good brand?

Is ecru a good brand?

ecru is the first brand in a long time that actually fits. I know that when I purchase from ecru, the products will last. I love ecru for its quiet elegance, the gorgeous prints that stand out but never shout, the impeccable cut of the blouses, and the high quality, delicious fabrics.

What are the features of Polyvore backups and backups?

DRAFTS and BACKUP features allows you to save your work and keep it safe, CLIPPER TOOL and possibility to upload images from disc makes your sets even more unique, You are able to import all sets you have ever made on POLYVORE to URSTYLE, I really hope this will cheer you up, you will be able to see your work back again

What is Polyvore?

Our mission was to create a place, which would be a social network build around fashion and art. We found out recently, that POLYVORE was acquired by SSENSE and it came as a shock to us. A lot of you have been asking us questions about features we provide and our plans for the future.

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