Is Deepak Chaurasia owner of News Nation?

Is Deepak Chaurasia owner of News Nation?

Deepak Chaurasia (born 1968) is an Indian journalist and Hindi-language news anchor for News Nation….

Deepak Chaurasia
Genre Journalism
Notable works News Nation, Star News, ABP News, India news, Aaj Tak
Spouse Anasuya Roy
Children 1 child

Is Deepak Chaurasia terminated?

According to sources, the News Nation management has sacked Senior Editor Neeraj Kumar and show producer Vivek Bhatnagar. Chaurasia, however, has managed to get away scot-free and has been able to save his prime-time anchoring slot on the channel.

Is Deepak Chaurasia working with News Nation?

Although nothing is clear about this right now.” Kumar was a senior editor while Bhatnagar worked in the production department. Kumar had been working with News Nation for the last eight years and was earlier associated with India News. Chaurasia joined News Nation in April 2019.

What is the age of Deepak Chaurasia?

53 years (December 28, 1968)Deepak Chaurasia / Age

What is the salary of Ravish Kumar?

Ravish Kumar is an author, a journalist, a News Anchor and the Managing Editor of the Indian news channel “NDTV India”. He is one of the highest earning reporters of the world….More About Ravish Kumar:

First Name Ravish
Estimated Net Worth in 2021 143 Crore INR
Estimated Annual Salary 3 Crore

Who is the wife of Deepak Chaurasia?

Anasuya RoyDeepak Chaurasia / Wife

What is the salary of Rajdeep Sardesai?

Rajdeep Sardesai Net Worth 2022: Biography, Assets, Awards

Net Worth: $4 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees: 29 Crore INR
Salary: 5 Crore +
Monthly Income: 50 Lakhs +
Date of Birth: May 24, 1965

What is the salary of Sudhir Chaudhary of Zee news?

25 Lakhs+
Sudhir Chaudhary Net Worth

Name Sudhir Chaudhary
Net Worth In Indian Rupees 22 Crore INR
Profession Editor-in-chief of Zee News
Monthly Income And Salary 25 Lakhs+
Yearly Income 3 Crore +

What is the salary of Rajat Sharma?

Rajat Sharma Net Worth 2022: Career, Awards, Salary, Car

Net Worth: $15 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees: 110 Crore INR
Salary: 3.60 Crore +
Monthly Income: 30 Lakhs +
Date of Birth: February 18, 1957

Who is Sudhir Chaudhary wife?

Niti ChaudharySudhir Chaudhary / Wife

Who is the highest paid news reader?

1. Anderson Cooper Net Worth – $200 million. Anderson Cooper is the richest news anchor. His current net worth is $200 million.

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