Is daniel ricciardo retiring from F1?

Is daniel ricciardo retiring from F1?

Daniel Ricciardo has jokingly suggested that he postponed his retirement from F1 in light of the news that a Grand Prix will be held in Las Vegas in 2023….F1 standings 2022.

Pos. Team Points
1 Ferrari Sainz & Leclerc 78
2 Mercedes Hamilton & Russell 38
3 Red Bull Verstappen & Pérez 37
4 Alpine Alonso & Ocon 16

Why did Ricciardo leave Red Bull?

He left Red Bull in 2018 to sign for a midfield Renault team in what turned out to be an unsuccessful move. He switched to McLaren last season and picked up his first win since leaving Red Bull at the Italian Grand Prix.

How many F1 races has Daniel Ricciardo?

Daniel Ricciardo

Formula One World Championship career
Entries 212 (212 starts)
Championships 0
Wins 8
Podiums 32

Does F1 driver pee?

Do F1 drivers pee in their suits during a race? The simple answer is yes they do. F1 drivers can relieve themselves during races on the off chance that they need to but many have strongly claimed that they wait until they return to the paddock.

Who will replace Daniel Ricciardo?

Daniel Ricciardo would be replaced by either Nyck de Vries or Stoffel Vandoorne if he is unable to return for next weekend’s 2022 season opener, McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl has explained.

Does Ricciardo regret going to Renault?

Exclusive: Ricciardo has no regrets over Red Bull exit as Verstappen fights for title. Daniel Ricciardo has always denied having any regrets about leaving Red Bull for Renault at the end of 2018, despite his spell with the French manufacturer only lasting for two years.

How many races has Verstappen won?

Max Emilian Verstappen (born 30 September 1997) is a Belgian-Dutch racing driver and the 2021 Formula One World Champion. He competes under the Dutch flag in Formula One with Red Bull Racing….Max Verstappen.

Formula One World Championship career
Entries 143 (143 starts)
Championships 1 (2021)
Wins 21
Podiums 61

When did Carlos join F1?

Carlos Sainz Profile. Carlos Sainz Jr is a Spanish Formula 1 driver, born in Madrid on 1 September 1994. The Spaniard burst onto the F1 scene back in 2015 as part of the Red Bull driver programme, assigned to Toro Rosso for that season where he would partner fellow Red Bull junior Max Verstappen.

Who is McLaren’s reserve driver?

driver Oscar Piastri
McLaren can now call upon the services of Alpine reserve driver Oscar Piastri if they require a stand-in for Daniel Ricciardo or Lando Norris, following the agreement of a new deal between the two teams.

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